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Razor Wire, Concertina Razor Tape 26/04/2017
Concertina Razor Wire and Flat Loop Razor Tape

The success of razor wire lies in the longer length of its spear-like barbs, difficulty of gaining a handhold, and the strength of the steel tape. Razor wire works to impede entry by either catching clothing or ripping through flesh.

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Roof Safety Mesh Protecting Construction Workers 29/03/2017
Roof Safety Mesh – Ausmesh Sets The Standard

Health and safety lapses can cost your business not only with staff downtime but also the risk of punitive costs and fines and increased insurance costs. And that doesn’t even include the cost of damage to equipment or property.

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Kangaroo Fencing Outback Road Signs 07/03/2017
Kangaroo Fence Design – Take A Leap Forward

Protective’s specialised kangaroo exclusion fence system includes all the elements needed for long-lasting kangaroo proof fence that will last the distance, satisfy your budget, and protect both you and the ‘roos.

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358 Mesh and M80 Ring Road Project 1 17/02/2017
M80 Ring Road and 358 Mesh – The Numbers Stack Up

Protective supplied 450 sheets of 358 mesh for this 2.25 billion dollar project. Protective’s ability to manufacture the required panels with a very short lead-in time and fast turnaround was a key factor to our success in being awarded this contract.

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Protecting Wildlife Animals 01/02/2017
Building Our Future, the Chain Wire Fencing Solution that is Safer for All, Including the Animals

Australia is privileged to have some very special and unique wildlife and they help to make Australia they very special place that we love. But roads and animals don’t always go well together.

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358 Security Fencing 29/11/2016
358 Security Mesh Fencing – A Dependable Response to Uncertainty

We live in uncertain times; political events, rapid social and technological changes, and environmental upheavals threaten to undermine much that we once thought secure in our lives.

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Protective Fencing Safety Guards 5 28/10/2016
Galvanized Mesh Fencing & Some Very Important Durability Factors

Galvanized steel mesh panels are some of the best fencing products available for Australia’s tough conditions; galvanizing has been protecting steel for 140 years with outstanding success.

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PVC Coated Wiremesh 23/09/2016
New Fusion Bonded Wire Fencing – A Winner

Not all fencing products are equal and sports arenas provide a particularly punishing testing ground for a fence. You need a fence that will keep the ball in your court and keep players and spectators safe.

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Security Perimeter Fencing Sydney Airport 18/08/2016
Airport security fencing, a fight or flight response

Recent global events have highlighted the overriding importance of maintaining high levels of security at airports. Airport site security is critical and all areas of the airport grounds represent a potential risk.

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High Security Fencing 22/07/2016
Security fencing—when one fence isn’t enough

Yes, you may have an existing well designed security fence but it may be inadequate in particular situations.
Unfortunately, human nature remains the weak link in even the most well designed security system.

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School Security Fencing 31/05/2016
School Security Fencing – Another Brick in the Wall?

A school safety fence will add a valuable asset to your school, protect your students, and increase the pride students, staff, and the wider community feel for your school.

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Tough legislation for swimming pool fences—don’t get caught out

Tough pool fencing regulations are making waves throughout Australia and you need to know about the nation-wide tightening of existing pool fence laws.

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Safety Fencing - Roadways 16/07/2015
Woden Bridge ACT – Safety Screens

Functional yet visually appealing safety screens supplied by Protective for new bridge at Woden ACT. Protective Fencing chosen to fabricate, powder coat and supply safety screen.

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Majura Parkway northbound lane opens

The Majura Parkway is an exciting new road development that will seamlessly connect the Federal Highway to the Monaro Highway.

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Protective Fencing - Major Projects 22/01/2015
Protective Fencing and The Second Gateway Bridge QLD

Queensland’s Premier Anna Bligh opened the Second Gateway Bridge over the Brisbane River on 16 May 2010.

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