With increasing burglary rates, vandalism and property damage throughout Australia, adequate perimeter security fencing is necessary.

Well-designed security fencing is the first (and primary) level of security for most homes and commercial properties.

Security toppings and the right fence height will help make your fence an effective deterrent against unlawful intrusion.

Part of the effectiveness of fence security comes down to the psychological effect; is your fence scary enough to deter intruders from attempting entry?

Your fence also needs to be tough enough to prevent or, at the very least to slow down any attempt to gain entry.

When designing a security fence, you need to think about the following design features:

  • Height
  • Strength (resistance to toppling, cutting or ramming)
  • Resistance to climbing

Fence height and climbing resistance are the two most important features to get right for most general security purposes.


Promax mesh and chainwire through to Palisade type gates

Fence height and climbing difficulty work together to discourage intrusion attempts.

Many people make the mistake of building a solid fence, but even if it’s 2 metres high, it can make it easier to climb.

Solid fences also give intruders cover from surveillance whilst they break into your home or premises.

For security fences, a height of 2 metres is a good starting point, but you also need to use fence panels that make climbing attempts nearly impossible.

Promax 358 security mesh or Propale Palisade fencing are perfect for this as the design makes it almost impossible to gain toe or handholds whilst maintaining ample visibility for security surveillance.


Security Fencing To Keep Criminals Unwanted Guests Out

The higher your fence, the higher its security value, and with our Promax 358 security mesh and post fence system, you can go up to 5 metres high, and our Palisade fence panels go up to 3 metres.

You can add additional features such as security toppings to all of these products. Fences of these heights may require council consent.

The rules on fence heights for most homeowners and commercial sites vary widely from State to State.

Setback from street frontages and whether it’s a dividing fence between properties or a corner site also affect allowable heights.

As a general guideline, in NSW, Queensland, Victoria or South Australia, you can build a fence up to 2m without a permit if the fence fronts a busy road.

These rules can change at any time, and this information must not form a legal justification for your proposed fence.

In all cases, you must contact the relevant authorities for up to date information specific to your situation.


Our-Fences-Are-Highly-Cost Effective to Install and Extremely Protective

If your fence is at least 2 metres high, you can add security toppings to make your fence even harder to climb. Fence toppings include:

These fence toppings also provide a genuine psychological deterrent and slow intruders down, giving security teams or the police time to respond.

In most cases, such security toppings will require council consent. And under the Security Industry Act, fences designated for security applications must also be installed by licensed installers.


Electrical Sub-station Security Fencing - Razor Wire

Razor wire offers one of the most popular and effective security fence toppings available.

Long spear-like barbs on extremely tough steel tape offer a formidable barrier to gaining handholds or cutting.

Profence offers two types of Razorwire: Flat loop razor tape and Concertina razor wire in a range of wire diameter, barb and loop sizes.

Concertina wire has a bulkier three-dimensional profile that might prevent gates from opening fully against a wall. For these settings, a Flat loop razorwire will be a better choice.

These toppings are compatible with all of our security fence products, including the ProPale Palisade range and the Promax 358 system.

They are also suitable for use on masonry walls and chainwire fences.

Flat loop razor tape is ideal for medium security applications, including:

Concertina razor wire is perfect for high-security applications, including:

  • Prisons & military installations
  • Electrical substations or high voltage pylons
  • Airports, railway yards, transport hubs
  • Factories, warehouses & hazardous storage areas

You can even use a combination of wire types, including barbed wire. Our tapered blade extension smartly enhances your fence’s impregnability whilst maintaining aesthetics.



Our Bulldog spike toppings are an aggressive sawtooth design that is 50mm high and made from tough galvanised steel.

Although the spikes won’t add much to the height of your fence, they do make gaining handholds or hauling yourself over the fence extremely difficult.

Again you can use these spikes in combination with other razor wire toppings to increase your fence’s security rating.


Pro Fence Security Fencing scaled

Cranked fence toppings tilt out from the fence, creating an overhang that makes climbing extremely difficult. Including a cranked section is a cost-effective way to increase the security of all of our security fence products.

Protective Fencing is proudly Australian made, and we’ve been supplying our superior products to protect people and property since 1975.


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