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Rural Fencing by Profence

Farm Gates

Farm gates

Farm gates can make or break even the best fence design.  Farm gates need to prevent stock movement yet allow easy access when you need to move animals, feed out or do any general farm work/ maintenance. Gates that don’t work the way you need them to can cost you time and money.

Good quality farm gates not only need to be tough enough to endure fierce weather conditions but also stroppy animals, careless drivers, and any of the other mishaps that can occur on a hard working farm.

Farm gates also need to be easy to handle as well. And they need to provide that essential security so you can rest at night knowing your stock will still be there in the morning.

Protective Fencing is one of Australasia’s leading farm gate manufacturers and suppliers and we have a wide range of gates to suit all farm and rural sector applications.



Farm gates need to do so many different jobs including:

  • Allow access to paddocks or yards
  • Prevent unauthorised entry to dangerous areas
  • Provide privacy and enhance driveway entrances
  • Protect people from dangerous situations
  • Increase the visual appeal and value of your property
  • Enable and control stock movements

Steel is the ideal choice for hard wearing farm gates. Its strength to weight ratio means steel is incredibly strong yet relatively lightweight. Galvanised steel is extremely durable and unlike timber is not subject to termite attacks. Steel gates are also a better choice than timber for farm gates because steel is much more resistant to damage from stock pushing against the frame.

The Protective range gives you so many options including double or single galvanised steel gates with round tops or square tops. Gate heights range from 900mm up to 2,600mm. A choice of chainwire in 2.50 or 3.15mm thicknesses, mesh, or PVC colour coatings enables you to create your ideal aesthetic.

You can add security toppings to our gates. These are ideal for where you need to maximise security. Options include barbed wire, bulldog spike razor top, and concertina razor tape along with anti-tamper screws. These are ideal for protecting solar installations, hemp farms, electrical substations, and hazardous chemical stores.


Double or Single Gates

The option of double or single gates adds flexibility and convenience to your fence and gate designs. Single gates mean that you only have to open the one gate to allow passage for vehicles, animals or people. This is an advantage in terms of only needing one set of hinges and one latching arrangement.

However, this can also be a chore when you are dealing with extra wide gates up to 4 metres wide. You’ll need to park your vehicle sufficiently far away from the gate to open it and in a tropical downpour that suddenly becomes a little more important. Furthermore, the weight of an extra wide gate may place additional strain on the hinges and posts and so require heavier duty posts and concrete footings.

Galvanised Double Gate

Double gates offer the convenience of variable opening sizes. For example, you may choose to have vehicle width gate combined with a narrower pedestrian width gate. Double gates place a smaller load on posts and hinges in wide opening scenarios.

The disadvantage of double gates is that you need to install a drop bolt to secure the gates. This can be a point of weakness on gravel roads where high wind and rain can make double gates a little less secure.


Opening Sizes

Protective fencing provides gates in a wide variety of opening sizes. Single gates range from 900mm to 4,000mm wide. Any of these widths can be used in a double gate configuration allowing for opening widths up to 8,000mm wide.

Obviously, the gate width will play an important role in deciding on the size and depth of your gate posts. Don’t skimp in this area of fence design or your gates won’t last the distance.



Protective Fencing can supply all your steel post needs as well including:

  • Intermediate, double and triple gate posts
  • Top posts and back stays
  • Cranked posts and post clamps
  • Corner clamps, adjustable and straight connectors
  • Rail tees, flanges and post caps

Posts are available in standard galvanised steel or you may request a powder coated colour option for an additional cost.

Installing gate posts correctly is the key to ensuring the durability of your fence and gate system. It’s important to remember that gates, over time, can exert considerable pressure on gate posts so make sure your posts are set to the correct depth. This will depend on the gate height, width, wind loading, and soil type.

You can learn more about establishing the correct post hole depth here. Make sure the soil in the bottom of the post hole is solidly compacted so that it can provide a firm footing. It’s important to ensure posts are lined up correctly. Poor alignment can increase the tension on fence lines and gate posts and over the long-term will lead to deformation of the fence.

Strong and Secure Farm Gates with Protective Fences

Applying epoxy mastic paint to the post 100 or 200mm above and below the ground level line provides additional protection against any water or soil contact creating corrosion issues.

Make sure you use the correct strength concrete (20MPA) and taper the top of the concrete away from the post. This ensures water drains away and doesn’t pool around the post where it could cause corrosion issues. Don’t forget to sit the post a good 40mm above the base of the concrete footer to prevent contact between the bottom of the post and soil or water.

We do not recommend the use of timber posts for a number of reasons. Timber posts continue to expand and contract with temperature changes. Wooden posts also dry out with time. This means that gudgeons or hinges tend to drop allowing your gate to start dragging on the ground.

Timber strainer posts can be very heavy and awkward to handle. They also require much larger holes. Digging large holes can be especially challenging in stony ground. And generally timber posts will need more concrete. This equals a considerably less cost –effective way to achieve a strong gate and gatepost setup.

You may also want to consider the fact that many timber posts are treated with potentially dangerous chemicals including copper, chromium, and arsenic. This may present a risk for you installing the posts as well as for young children who may come into contact with the posts. CCA type treatments also pose a risk for soil and water contamination. You can read more about these risks here.



A comprehensive range of heavy duty galvanised steel hinges is available to complement all our gate and post types. You can request a powder coated colour finish for all our hinges as well (additional cost).

Hinge types include:

  • 2-part interlock hinges with attachment
  • 2-part hinges with attachment
  • Pipe hinge straps

It’s is important to make sure you choose the correct matching hinge for both post and gate. Two-part interlocking hinges are available to match post sizes ranging from 40NB through to 100NB. Two-part hinges suit pipe sizes 32NB and 40NB whereas strap hinges suit 25NB to 50NB pipes.


Opening Options

When you choose a solid reliable gate from the Protective fencing range you can take advantage of a wide range of opening options. Keep it simple and go with the standard self-opening option or take advantage of innovative technology and add some real convenience to your farm gate options.

You can configure our gates to open automatically using electric or solar powered motors. Independent solar powered units are perfect for gates located in remote locations where electrical supply is not possible and they’re so easy to set up too.

Opening your gates using remotes puts an end to the hassle of getting drenched every time you have to open and close a farm gate.

Premium Gate Fence

Nuts and Bolts

Protective Fencing also supply all the fastener options you may need including:

  • T Bolts & Cup head bolts and nuts
  • Self-drilling screws
  • Anti-tamper screws
  • Razor tape and mesh fixing clips

We also carry all the gate latching options you need such as double gate bows, shoot bolts and drop bolts.

A well-designed and installed steel gate will make your life so much easier. You’ll really come to appreciate the enhanced durability and practicality of the Protective Fence range of farm gates and posts.

Talk to Protective today and let us show you how exceptional quality gates can make a real difference to your life.

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