PVC Coated Wiremesh Fencing
PVC Coated Wiremesh Fencing

PVC Coated Wire Mesh

Fusion Bonded Wire is a premium PVC Coated Wire for chainwire, cable wire and tie wire. Manufactured by Bekaert from high quality, zinc coated steel bonded with a high adhesion PVC coating and developed for the premium chainwire fencing sporting enclosure market.

Fusion Bonded Wire

Manufactured by Bekaert, this chainwire product has a PVC coating  that is thermally bonded to a thermoset bonding layer over the zinc coated steel wire. This process ensures a tightly adherent and impervious coating free of voids, as well as a smooth and lustrous surface appearance.

Fusion bonded wire is:-

  • Highly resistant to impact abuse.
  • Is ideal for use in environments such as areas exposed to extreme climatic temperatures.
  • Highly resistant to corrosive atmospheres.


The Ultimate in PVC Coated Wire Mesh

Bekaert Steel Wire

Benefits of PVC Coating

The benefits of this PVC Wire Mesh is that it has a long lasting adhesion and corrosion resistance in humid environments such as subtropical and tropical corrosivity zones.

  • Greater resistance to cracking, peeling, splitting and impact from tennis balls and similar.
  • High dimensional tolerances providing for consistent chainwire shape.
  • Improved cathodic protection of uncovered wire ends.
  • Superior UV protection

Tennis Court Wire Fencing

Sports Field Fencing

Fusion bonded wire is generally used for chainwire manufacture and associated products like cable wire, and lacing wire. Combined with posts rails and fittings powdercoated using the
Interpon Metaplex system gives the whole structure a similar environmental and ball impact protection.

Fusion bonded wire fencing is perfect for sports field fencing, in areas where high resistance to impact, corrosion, and humidity are important. This PVC coated wire mesh fencing is attractive without reducing security or observer visibility and is ideal for:

  • Tennis courts
  • Cricket nets
  • Baseball nets
  • Any sporting enclosure with consistent ball impacts.
  • General domestic and industrial fencing where superior impact resistance and corrosion resistance is required.


Chain wire Fencing - Basketball Court

Available Sizes

Fusion bonded wire is available in Gloss Black PVC Wire in core wire diameters of Ø2mm, Ø2.5mm, Ø3.15mm and Ø4mm.

Baseball & Tennis Court Fencing

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