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Powder Coating

Protective Powder Coating Pty Ltd is a fully integrated business of Protective Group focusing on both in house powder coating for Protective Fencing and Protective Wire Mesh Industries as well as offering powder coating services to an extensive range of commercial customers.

Our dual batch and in-line systems provide the capacity to coat a wide range of sizes and quantities.

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Environmental – powder coatings generally produce no volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and most powder coatings are free of any heavy metals or other hazardous materials.

Consistent Quality – powder coatings eliminate need for solvent mixing or colour tinting providing consistent colour matching and more efficient application

Easy to Apply – powder coatings are applied in a single application without drips runs or sags. If a problem is detected before the part enters the oven the powder can easily be removed and re-applied.

Superior Performance – powder coatings are generally harder and offer improved impact, abrasion, chemical resistance, and superior weatherability over most liquid coatings.

Safety – powder coatings have far less risk of fire and explosion as compared to liquid solvent paints – download the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Specifications – Steel fencing components supplied by Protective Fencing are powder coated in accordance with AS/NZS 4506-2005 Metal Finishing – Thermoset Powder Coatings


Protective Powder Coating use and recommend coating powders from Interpon and are an accredited applicator of Interpon Metaplex commercial coatings on hot dipped galvanised steel. Our powder coating capabilities which include:-

  • Dual batch and automated in-line systems allow for high volume coating as well as small batch quantities operating simultaneously
  • Capacity to powder coat large items such as gates and panels up to 7M long x 2.4M high and up to 2M deep
  • Specially designed jigging for fence fittings and fasteners
  • Full range of Interpon standard and specialty coatings
  • Multi stage pre treatment processes
  • Detailed packaging of finished goods to ensure delivered quality
  • Compliance to AS/NZ 4506:2005 – Metal finishing – Thermoset powder coatings


Protective Powder Coating uses two types of systems to apply powder coating to provide maximum versatility:-

Manual Batch Systems – are generally used for low throughput and smaller colour batches of product. Manual batch systems are also used for larger heavier items that are to large or heavy for conveyor systems.

Automatic Conveyor-ised Systems – are ideal for large volume production requirements.

Process steps:-

  • Metal cleaning and pre treatment
  • Drying
  • Application of powder
  • Oven curing
  • Cooling
  • Packing


Protective Powder Coating conducts testing on all production orders. Test results are recorded for each customer order.

  • Solvent Cure Test – evaluates degree of cure
  • Adhesion Test – evaluates the coatings adhesion to the substrate
  • Thickness – ensures proper film thickness is applied
  • Colour and Gloss – matched to coating suppliers standard panels
  • Visual – inspection for colour, gloss, flow, edge cover, texture


Protective Powder Coating takes every effort to ensure the high quality of the powder coated finish is maintained during the delivery process.
Packaging materials include:-

  • Plastic sleeving for posts and pipe
  • Bubble wrap film for panels and smaller parts
  • Polyethylene sheeting for mesh and larger fabricated items
  • Cardboard and paper sheet for flat sheet items
  • Where possible the package is covered with a final cling wrap film for transportation


Unlike solvent based wet paint systems, powder coating is an environmentally friendly process which provides a durable finish that is resistant to cracking and peeling when the surface is treated and the powder is applied correctly.

While powder coatings are considered extremely resilient because of their excellent chip resistance, hardness and or chemical resistance there are many aspects to consider when determining the longevity of powder coatings including the nature of the application and the surrounding environment. Salt, pollution and general deposits will effect the lifespan of the product and it is suggested that you follow a maintenance program to assist the longevity of the coating.

Refer “Powder Coating Care and Maintenance” document in downloads.

Protective Powder Coating Pty Ltd in conjunction with our preferred powder supplier, Interpon offer performance warranties up to 15 years. Contact Protective Powder Coating for details.



Interpon Powder Coatings from AkzoNobel the world’s largest coating company is Protective’s preferred powder supplier. Their in-house colour and design experts anticipate and predict movements in trends that affect colour and coating choices for architectural applications and have drawn on the knowledge of their global Aesthetics Centre, along with Australian insights, to produce powders in a large variety of colours, metallics, textures and special effects.

Refer Interpon D1000 and D2015 colour charts in download section.

Colour Freedom

AkzoNobel values the importance of colour and finish in your design and understands that colour expression is an extension of your project. Why not take advantage of our made-to-order colour service. For smaller projects down to 20kg, Interpon MiniB™ and Interpon MiniB™ Micro provides fast service on small batch made-to-order colours that are specific to your needs. Some conditions do apply such as choice of colour and product.

Contact Protective Powder Coating for more details.


Protective Powder Coating produce a wide range of standard and custom wire hooks used for hanging items during powder coating and painting processes.

Hooks are made from galvanised or bright wire in a variety of diameters, sizes and shapes to suit all applications and load weights.

  • Standard hook sizes are held in stock for immediate delivery – download flyer below
  • Customised hooks can be produced to customer requirements in all manner of shapes and sizes
  • We can also supply straightened lengths of wire or wire in coils for tieing and bundling
  • PVC coated wire can also be supplied for tieing and bundling of finished product
  • Hooks can be supplied in both 2D or 3D profiles.


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