Wire Mesh Fencing - Wildlife Protection
Wire Mesh Fencing - Wildlife Protection

Wire Mesh Cages

Wire mesh for storage cages are a really solid solution with so many practical applications but wire mesh security cages are especially useful for keeping animals safer from harm.

Protective Wire Mesh Industries can produce a range of superior quality wire mesh products for any type of cage thanks to the latest innovative technology and state of the art welding machinery.


Protective manufacture wire mesh for the construction of cage panels (we don’t supply pre-built cages) are ideal for all animals including:

  • Rabbit cages
  • Bird aviaries
  • Reptile (snakes or lizards) cages
  • Dog runs
  • Cat enclosures
  • Guinea pigs and hamsters
  • Mice

Protective’s precision welded wire mesh that can used for cages are also ideal for protecting fruit and vegetable plants such as tomatoes from birds and pests and as gabions or stone cages for erosion control and retaining walls.

Protective has the capacity to manufacture custom sized wire diameters, mesh widths and lengths.

Protective can meet all your needs for wire mesh animal cages.

Protective believes precision is an important factor in maintaining the highest quality standards and achieving the longest possible life expectancy for galvanised and stainless steel wire mesh cages.

We use the latest technology to attain the highest precision standards throughout the manufacturing process including computer controlled welds, aperture dimensions, and wire diameters, and wire mesh panel sizes.

Wire Mesh Cages for Gardens, Storage, Pallets, and Animals


Wire mesh security cage for animals

High quality, long-lasting wire mesh animal cages are ideal for providing temporary animal enclosures, transporting pets, and providing safe run areas for a wide range of animals.

Protective wire mesh is made from tough Australian made steel. It’s built to last and, as the name says, protect your animals.

Whether you want an extended rabbit run or a zoo-sized aviary, Protective wire mesh provides a wide range of benefits including:

  • Good ventilation—mesh aperture sizes are available to suit all sized animals
  • Visibility— allows easy observation for security and you can enjoy watching your animals at play
  • Protection—from predators
  • Security–preventing your animals from escaping and getting lost or causing harm to others or themselves

Wire mesh panels for animal cages can be made from stainless steel or galvanised with the option of PVC coating for additional hard-wearing protection and visual attractiveness.

Protective also supply bushfire resistant wire mesh (meets or exceeds AS 3959-2009) to give added protection and peace of mind for your animals.


Stainless Steel wire mesh cages

Not all wire mesh is created equal and not all wire mesh is suitable for every situation. That’s why Protective makes a range of wire mesh including:

  • Stainless steel wire mesh –304 and 316 grade stainless steel
  • Galvanised—in a choice of standard or heavy duty coatings
  • PVC coating for stainless or galvanised

Stainless steel is appropriate in applications where high corrosion resistance is needed such as in coastal areas or areas exposed to chlorinated pools.

Stainless steel also offers stunning visual appeal.  Stainless steel may be a particularly good choice for animal enclosures where the wire mesh will be exposed to frequent scratching or biting behaviours or highly acidic urine.

Galvanised tends to be a little cheaper but is tough and long-lasting. Even when scratched the galvanised coating will protect the steel but it does so at a cost to the integrity of the coating’s long-term protection.

PVC plastic coatings can be added to either stainless steel or galvanised wire mesh and in both cases provides additional protection and durability. A choice of colours (black or white) can make a stunning visual statement.


Wire mesh gabions or wire mesh stone cages function as highly effective forms of erosion protection, river control, rock retaining walls, and even as visually attractive landscaping features such as entrance ways or as fence supports.

With wire diameters up to 10mm and a range of aperture sizes, Protective can manufacture stone cage wire mesh suitable for even the heaviest duty gabions.

Traditionally, galvanised wire has been used for gabions especially in purely practical applications such as retaining walls but the growing use of gabions as iconic landscaping statements means that stainless steel is an increasingly popular choice.


Wire mesh for stones

Wire mesh panels have a huge range of uses and can make life in the plant nursery or garden so much easier.

The growing number of imported pests can wreak havoc with your valuable flowers and fruit and vegetable produce.

Steel wire mesh panels can be a great way to control and protect your plant’s growing environment.

A wide range of aperture sizes means you can choose a size that keeps pest birds out while allowing beneficial insects, light, and fresh air to help your crops to grow to their maximum potential.

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