Chain Wire Fencing Solutions

Protective Fencing is proud of its role in the Federal government’s “Building Our Future” programme and is committed to making Australia’s roads safer for all its citizens including the more hairy, furry, slimy and scaly animal residents. That’s why Protective has been chosen to supply chain wire fencing products for the Pacific Highway Upgrade.

Chain wire mesh products have long been considered ideal for creating safe attractive security fencing and Protective Fencing has established itself as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of premium quality chain wire. Our innovative design and engineering excellence are setting the standard for exceptional fencing products that care for the environment as well.

Chain wire fencing is commonly used on roading projects for:

  • Protecting pedestrians and motorists
  • Preventing unauthorised entry
  • Animal exclusion
  • Controlling rockfall and other hazards

Chain wire provides superior results in all these areas and although there are alternative materials chain wire excels thanks to its attractive, exceptional see-through visibility and its low visual impact on the environment.

How does chain wire protect drivers?

Driving can be a hazardous occupation and the unpredictability of other drivers can increase that risk. Animals also pose a very real danger on our roads because of their sudden appearance at night or in the low light conditions of dawn and dusk.

Safety Fencing - Fauna Protection

Recent research has shown that some 8,000 accidents each year in NSW alone are the result of drivers connecting a little too closely with the animal kingdom.

It’s not only the force of a collision with a large animal such as a kangaroo that can be fatal for humans but sudden braking or our instinctive swerve response to avoid them and the resulting loss of control can also be deadly.

We take driver safety very seriously but that’s just part of our commitment to the “Building Our Future” and the NSW State Government’s “NSW NOW” initiatives. We are also aware that the decisions we take today will affect the environment that we leave for future generations.

Chain Wire benefits the Animal Population Too

Australia is privileged to have some very special and unique wildlife and they help to make Australia they very special place that we love. But roads and animals don’t always go well together. Protective manufactures a range of chain wire products designed to ensure the safety of Australia’s precious wildlife.

Protecting Roadside Koalas

It’s important to not only prevent animals from wandering onto busy highways but also to allow them to have safe passage via underpasses so that they can retain access to their preferred habitats and continue their natural foraging and nesting behaviours.

And it’s not just the big guys, the kangaroos and other marsupials that matter but the smaller critters such as snakes and frogs as well.

Protective products include:

  • Chain wire Fauna exclusion fencing comprising galvanised steel posts, galvanised Chain wire mesh, ground mesh, hold down pins and wire cable
  • Stock fencing using barbed wire
  • Custom mesh for creek crossings
  • Sheet metal fencing for frog control
  • Snake and mouse proof mesh fencing
  • Kangaroo proof fencing


What makes Profence Chain Wire so good?

We manufacture chain wire fencing products to suit a wide range of uses. We can provide chain wire products with a range of:

  • Wire diameters: 2.24mm, 2.50mm, 3.15mm, and 4mm
  • Mesh apertures: 25mm to 60mm
  • Heights: 450mm to 4500mm
  • Finishes: Standard Galvanised, Heavy Galvanised, PVC Coated, Permaseal, Lifemax and Fusion Bonded
  • Post, stay and gate sizes
  • Clamp Fittings and accessories
  • Toppings: Barbed wire , Bulldog spikey top or razor tape

Protective chain wire products meet or exceed the following AS and AS/NZ standards:

  • AS1725 2010 – Chain link fabric security fences & gates
  • AS/NZS 4534 2006 – Zinc and zinc aluminium alloy coatings on steel wire
  • AS/NZS 4680 2006 Hot dip galvanised (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles
  • AS/NZS 4792 2006 – Hot dip galvanised (zinc) coatings on ferrous hollow sections applied by continuous or specialised process
  • AS/NZ 4506 2005 – Thermoset powder coatings
  • AS 2423 2002 – Coated steel wire fencing products for terrestrial, aquatic and general use
  • AS1163 – Structural steel hollow sections
  • AS1074 – Steel tubes and tubulars for ordinary service

Protective fencing is one of Australia’s leading providers of high end security products. We have built our reputation based on superior design and construction techniques and a commitment to real service.

That’s why Protective were the number one choice to provide fauna control, kangaroo proof fencing for the Pacific Highway upgrade.

Protective Fencing: using innovation and manufacturing excellence to make your life better now and to protect the environment for the future.

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