Protective Fencing Manufacturers of High Quality Fencing Products
Protective Fencing Manufacturers of High Quality Fencing Products

Fence Manufacturers

Australia’s most trusted fencing partner.

Protective Fencing manufactures all types of security fencing and can provide solutions for every situation. We keep an extensive range of standard products in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

Alternatively, we can customise or custom make all of our products and provide a fencing solution that meets your needs. Whether your project is large or small, we will deliver on time and in full.

Proudly manufacturing in Australia since 1975.

Fence Manufacturers

Protective Fencing is Australia’s most trusted name in security fencing supply and metalwork. We are a family-owned company that has built a solid reputation for manufacturing and producing exceptionally high-quality wire, steel, and tube, fencing products using Australian raw materials.

We are the preferred supplier to the security industry because of:

  • Customer support
  • Extensive readily available stockholding
  • Custom fabricated products
  • Complete Innovative fencing Solutions
  • Total Quality Assurance
  • Speedy delivery


Our Products are made to withstand the Australian climate, from New South Wales to Queensland, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Southern Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania.

We successfully deliver products throughout Australia every day. We are proud to have helped thousands of customers achieve the best perimeter security solution available to meet their project needs.

Fence Manufacturers

Our extensive range of security fencing materials are used in industries where protection of people and assets is most important, including:

  • Correctional facilities
  • Infrastructure – Power Utility substations, Solar Farms, Waste Water/ Desalination, Water
  • Transportation – Roads, Highways, Bridges, Airports, Rail
  • Commercial and Industrial – Data Centres, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Self-Storage, Retail, Cannabis Industries, car parks
  • Public Spaces – Parks, Sports Courts, Stadiums
  • Education – Schools, Universities, Day Care
  • Mining


Our company provides the complete security fencing solution, including posts, rails, mesh, pales, gates and fasteners. We also do custom fabrication and have in-house powder coating facilities.

Fence Manufacturers

Our range of security fencing includes:

  • Promax – High Security 358 mesh fencing
  • Propale – Palisade W Pale Security fencing
  • Tubular security fencing
  • Steel Mesh fencing
  • Chainwire fencing


Protective Fencing is one of Australia’s leading security fencing suppliers. We specialise in working with our customers to build solid and dependable security fencing solutions.

Proudly manufacturing in Australia since 1975.

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