The rising cost of steel over the past two years created many challenges for the high security fencing sector.

In the first instance, we noticed that lots of businesses and organisations were needing to spend more money on their security projects, and that this was causing them a great deal of financial strain.

As a security fence provider, we knew we had to find a way to offer reliable perimeter security without simply transferring any cost increases directly onto the customer.

Commitment to innovation

That commitment to innovation led us on a path to creating a ground-breaking product, the 3m wide 358 anti-climb mesh.

It is an innovative solution which not only surpassed industry standards but also reduced the amount of material used while maintaining the integrity of the security required.

The key to our success was the ability to manufacture a wider panel design of our 358 anti-climb mesh. By utilising 3-metre panels, we reduced the number of posts required for installation, resulting in significant material savings.

This streamlined the construction process, cutting down on civil works, concrete, labour costs and overall expenses for security fencing projects.

All the while, we were determined not to compromise on security despite the cost-saving measures.

The 3m wide 358 anti-climb mesh has been fully engineered to incorporate the same strong features as traditional 358 systems, effectively deterring climbing and cutting attempts.

However, the advantages of our 3m wide 358 anti-climb mesh extend beyond financial benefits.

Advantages of 3m wide 358 anti-climb mesh

By using fewer materials, we also reduced our environmental impact. Businesses and organisations can now meet their security needs while actively contributing to a more eco-friendly and sustainable approach.

Our journey to develop an affordable security solution amidst fluctuating steel prices was driven by perseverance, creativity and a focus on our customers’ needs.

With our 3m wide 358 anti-climb mesh, we proved that innovation is possible even in the most challenging of times.

By using materials more efficiently and providing reliable security, we empowered businesses and organisations to protect their assets and people without breaking the bank.

It is often said that “necessity is the mother of invention”. The evolution of our 3m wide 358 anti-climb mesh is a case in point.

The product might never have seen the light of day had it not been for the adverse economic circumstances over the past two years.

And yet, here it is. By responding to a need, we now have a successful, environmentally-sustainable and affordable product.

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This article was first published Australian Steel Newsletter July 23 – Click to view