Death and injury from roof falls or falling objects is a major concern for anyone who works on or around large scale roofing projects.

But Ausmesh has been setting the standard for roof safety mesh throughout Australia, NZ, and S.E Asia for thirty years.

Safety on the worksite has been in the news a lot in recent years.

The cost of workplace fatalities and injuries has gone through the roof (excuse the pun) and the toll has now become unacceptable.

Fortunately, initiatives such as the use of Ausmesh 300 safety wire mesh have made the workplace a whole lot safer.

Ausmesh Safety Mesh – Protecting Your People

A recent Safe Work Australia report identified 18 deaths due to falls from heights and 17 fatalities caused by falling objects in a single year.

The report goes on to say that the cost of such workplace injuries hits some $60 billion per year[1]. Those are some grim statistics that should get your attention.

Installing roof safety mesh before your workers even step foot on the roof will protect staff from falling hazards while on the job and those working underneath also.

Ausmesh 300 safety wire mesh ensures a safe roof work environment and it is so simple to install.

With Ausmesh 300 as your roof safety solution: there is no longer any excuse for roofing accidents.

Safety Mesh

What is Ausmesh 300?

Ausmesh 300 is a high-strength safety wire mesh, which is installed over the roof structure before any other roofing materials are taken up to the roof.

Ausmesh 300 is used in the roofing, construction, and mining industries on warehouses, factories, schools, office blocks, sheds, and shopping centres.

Ausmesh is designed as a safety net should a worker or a large object fall from a height. Ausmesh 300 is also used for support for the insulation

Ausmesh 300 safety wire mesh consists of 2mm galvanised wire with a mesh aperture size of 150mm by 300mm. Ausmesh 300 meets or exceeds AS/NZS 4389:2015 (2015 updated version) and all State codes of practice.

Ausmesh leads the way because it:

  • Has a tensile strength of more than 450 Mpa
  • Is galvanised to AS/NZS 4534 WO2 standard for high corrosion resistance
  • Comes in a range of widths; 1800, 2250, and 2400mm and can be cut to required length up to 200m or more
  • Is designed to be a permanent part of your roof making later roof maintenance as safe as a walk in the park
  • Offers PVC coated versions for high salinity or corrosion environments such as swimming pools or chemical factories or where a highly attractive feature finish is required (colours: white or black (only available in 1800 wide)

Extensive testing has repeatedly proven the ability of Ausmesh 300 to safely arrest the fall of a worker.

Safety Mesh tested

The AS/NZS 4389:2015 standard test involves dropping a long, human-sized sandbag weighing 165kg onto a 2m test bed with purlins spaced at 1500mm. The bag is dropped from 1.4 m to replicate the fall of a large heavy object.

To make the test more demanding Australian Mesh has tested both 1800mm and 2250mm width mesh panels installed over 1500mm and 1700mm purlin spacing’s.

The successful outcome of all tests is proof that Ausmesh 300 exceeds the standards and is your assurance of safety.

But no safety device will work as designed if you do not follow critical installation recommendations.

Installing Ausmesh 300 safety wire mesh

Installation of your Ausmesh wire mesh is so simple and can be installed from scissor lifts or other approved scaffold systems manually with the rope system or  with the use of wire whinge.

The use of wire pulling machines can cut installation time significantly, which reduces labour and machinery hire (for example scissor lift and other machinery).

It is critical that you comply with Ausmesh 300 and AS/NZS4389:2015 installation requirements. These include:

  • Longitudinal wire must face down with the cross wires facing up
  • All longitudinal wires need to be wrapped around or through drilled holes in the purlins and tied off with a minimum of four full turns
  • All mesh is to be lapped minimum of 150mm (one square) for purlins 2200 or greater to be lapped 300mm (two squares)
  • Mesh must be pulled taut insuring that minimal sag exists between roof purlins

If purlins are 1200 or greater side laps are to be fastened at 900mm max centres. If purlins are 2200 or greater mesh is to be lapped min 2 squares – side laps are to be fastened on both sides of the lap at 600mm max centres.

No matter how good the safety product, if you ignore the installation recommendations you will not get the best results and it may prove to be an expensive and futile exercise in cost cutting.

Ausmesh 300 Mesh Roof Safety Downloads

Click on the below links to download the Safety Mesh data and installation instructions. For more information please go to our contact page to get in touch with us.


Protecting your business

Health and safety lapses can cost your business not only with staff downtime but also the risk of punitive costs and fines and increased insurance costs. And that doesn’t even include the cost of damage to equipment or property.

Reducing construction costs is important for any business and with the ease and speed of Ausmesh  300 installation it can help protect your bottom line as well.

The PVC coated version is perfect for those areas where high levels of salinity, corrosive materials or volatile fumes are an issue. A choice of colours allows the Ausmesh 300 to shine as an attractive feature or to merge with insulation materials.

The PVC is highly resistant to UV light so will stay looking great around skylights; just another way that Australian Mesh is working hard to protect your business.

Roof Safety Mesh

Ausmesh walks the talk

With Ausmesh 300, safety starts in the manufacturing process; we use state of the art welding and cutting machines that eliminate the risk of hand injuries for our staff.

Australian Mesh is also proud of its Australian heritage, and Australian owned and operated company. That’s not only good for safety it’s good, it’s also good for the Australian economy.

Here at Protective Fencing we value and support work place safety. We also proudly support Australian companies and the environment. That’s why we are proud to supply Ausmesh 300 roof safety mesh for projects of all sizes.

Protective fencing; you can depend on our expertise and experience to provide the right solutions for all your roofing needs. Protective fencing and Australian Mesh: a sure-fire way to avoid that humpty dumpty experience.

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