As a property or business owner you pay a high price for these crimes so it makes sense to invest in a well-designed security fence.

As a property or business owner you pay a high price for these crimes so it makes sense to invest in a well-designed security fence.

Not all security fences are created equal so here are 13 things to consider before installing a security fence.

The reality is that a poorly designed security fence can actually encourage crime; through providing places to hide, blocking surveillance lines, or slowing down security response teams.

Research shows that a good security fence is a proven investment and will:

  • Discourage break-in attempts
  • Prevent unauthorised entry
  • Slow intruders down
  • Increase likelihood of capture

A good security fence is a real investment so take the time to review these 13 important design features and talk to the friendly experts at Profence about how we can protect your home and business.



This might sound like a stupid question but even a security fence needs to fulfil often competing functions. Is the fence purely and simply a security fence or is attractive design important too?

If your business needs to present a public/ customer-friendly face then you may need to find a balance between optimal security and elegant design.

Rolls of razor wire and electric fences are not conducive to encouraging customers to relax and spend money in your business.

In this case using Palisade, Boulevard security fencing or chain wire will deliver a fence that offers strong anti-climb design and high surveillance visibility as well as being highly resistant to cutting or ramming while still retaining an attractive public face.

What level of security is necessary? If your fence simply needs to control access to a swimming pool, keep public out of garden areas or separate from traffic then Banksia, Garden, Harvest, Roll top safety fencing or Esplanade swimming pool fencing will serve your purpose.

Security Fencing Intelligent Des


Once you’ve clarified the main function of your fence you need to think about intelligent design.

Too many people install good security fences in unintelligent ways that defeat the purpose of the fence. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Placing a fence next to climbable objects such as trees or power transformers
  • Positioning the fence at the base of a slope allowing intruders to use planks
  • Fence structure or material choice that creates hiding places for intruders

Review your property’s security needs. Think about the risks and how intruders might use existing features to overcome your security.


Your property might require a different fence design for the backyard as opposed to the street frontage.

The Promax 358 high security mesh and post system with a topping such as razor wire might be the perfect solution for less visible, more vulnerable areas.

On the other hand, a more people-friendly fence such as Palisade might be ideal for the front entrance to your business or home.



The 5Ds of security system design help property owners and security fence designers to think intelligently about security fence design.

The 5Ds will help you optimise your security fence design.

The 5Ds are:

  • Deter
  • Detect
  • Deny
  • Delay
  • Defend



Get this part right and you will actually discourage all but the most serious intrusion attempts.

Serious security fencing, lighting, CCTV cameras and signage warning trespassers can make your property unattractive for most intrusion attempts and the criminals will usually look for an easier target.

Security Fencing To Keep Criminals & Unwanted Guests Out



The earlier you can detect potential criminal activity the longer you have for your security teams or the police to respond and catch the criminals in the act.

Maintaining clear surveillance sight lines and the use of CCTV cameras around your security fence are critical to any rapid response.



A successful security fence needs to promise greater challenge and risk to the criminals than any potential reward they might gain. Cutting corners here may mean your business simply becomes a target.



Anti-ram or cutting resistant features as well as super strong weld and fence construction delay intruders.

Adding additional fencing layers or interior barriers will create significant delays for intruders.

The longer you can keep your intruder at bay the more time police or a security response team have to respond.

CCTV cameras and motion detection cables can provide early alerts and real time monitoring.

Security Fencing To Defend


The final D of good security fence design, Defend, This is an extension of the 4 other Ds.

If you’ve incorporated the other Ds successfully then the police or security team will be well on the way to catching the intruders.

Slowing down any escape or preventing vandalism or the easy removal of objects of value is critical here.

Features such as additional fencing, bollards, anti-ram fence design will really prove their worth here.

The Protective range of security fence products are all designed with the 5Ds in mind.

Superior weld shear strength and resistance welding levels (meet or exceed AS2423-2002 requirements) help to make our fence products incredibly difficult to force entry.


Our Palisade, Macem sheet metal fencing, and the Promax 358 Security Mesh and Promax T-post systems offer exceptional resistance to cutting tools, scissor-jacks, toppling and ramming.

The Promax and Macem anti-dig plinth provides solid protection against serious entry attempts.

Boulevard security mesh panels, Pencil point palisade fencing, and the Promax 358 Security Mesh provide serious anti-climb features.

You can add additional security features such as razor wire, manned or automatic gates with keypad or card-swipe systems, CCTV for improved 24/7 monitoring and sensor cables for motion detection to our Promax mesh and T-post system.

Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay and Defend with Protective fencing.



Security fencing laws vary from State to State; you need to check that your fence complies with all the relevant regulations including Council bylaws and building code requirements.

You may have to apply for a consent or permit to erect a security fence.

In NSW, security fencing is covered by the Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate (SLED) division of the NSW Police, and if your fence is deemed to be a security fence then the installer will need to have the appropriate license.

State regulations govern school security fencing material choices and installation. The Protective range of palisade, chain wire and steel mesh fencing is appropriate for all school security needs.

Government regulations also stipulate what you can and can’t do for security fence for around swimming pools.

Our Wattle Roll-top or Esplanade pool safety fencing delivers real child-proof safety with durable elegance and in a wide range of colours. And, naturally, we offer matching posts and gates with security latches.

In short, if your fence is designed for security then you will need to ensure it meets the appropriate regulatory requirements.



No. Protective Fencing supplies a wide range of security fencing to suit all budgets.

We believe everyone is entitled to feel safe and secure and our products are designed for rapid, cost-effective installation.

Our Promax post and mesh system can be installed very quickly providing significant labour savings.

Steel wire mesh panels or chainwire offer highly effective security options when combined with our range of galvanised posts. Again, ease of installation can deliver real cost savings with these options.



Most of our fence products come in a choice of materials; galvanised, hot dip galvanised, PVC coated steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

Your options here will have an impact on your budget but also on the look and longevity of your fence.

Galvanised is perfect for most settings but PVC coated chainwire has additional durability and better looks than standard chainwire.


Stainless steel is usually more expensive initially but its stylish appearance and greater durability in corrosive environments, e.g. by the swimming pool or in a marine environment, may make it a more cost-effective option in the long term.

Galvanised Security Fencing


Installing your securing fence correctly is critical for getting the most out of your investment. You can learn more about how to install steel posts here.

Make sure:

  • Post holes are dug to the correct depth
  • Concrete is poured correctly
  • Posts are appropriate for the conditions
  • Posts are installed to the right depth
  • Apply anti-corrosion coatings on the posts

Not all galvanising treatments are equal. If you are erecting a fence in coastal conditions you need to choose higher grade galvanising.

Correct installation will save you money with a fence that will stand up to severe weather events including gale force winds, will last longer, and will cost you less in maintenance.



Adding toppings such as cranked posts, razor tape, barbed wire, or bulldog spikes can significantly enhance the effectiveness of any security fence.

These types of toppings work to Deter, Deny, Delay and Defend against any unauthorised intrusion attempt.

Again, you’ll need to check the regulations in your area (including your local council) as the use of toppings may be restricted.

Protective Fence; we create innovative solutions for your security concerns. Come and talk to us about how we can help you with a wide range of security fencing that won’t cost the earth.