The need to install increasingly robust protection systems against crime has subsequently  placedan ever-larger cost burden on those organisations.

That’s why it is so important to optimise your security system against the risks your organisation faces.

For many organisations, internal security takes up the bulk of their security budget.

However, the 5 D’s of security system design emphasise the importance of secure perimeter fencing as the first line of defence.

The installation of well-designed security fencing can save you a considerable amount of money on other security aspects.

Well-designed perimeter security fencing adds the elements of time and distance that no longer work in your favour once the intruder has gained entry to a building or protected area.

To help you understand how security fencing benefits your overall security, let’s look at the 5 D’s of security system design.

The 5 D’s are:

  • Deter
  • Detect
  • Deny
  • Delay
  • Defend


Deterrence is your first line of defence and usually consists of fencing and sometimes includes additional lighting and CCTV cameras.

Creating a boundary fence that is sufficiently strong to deter unwanted intruders is particularly valuable because it may prevent the intruders from even attempting to gain entry.

Pro Fence Security Fencing

This aspect involves a psychological warfare approach. In other words, if your fence looks scary enough, the criminal element will look for an easier target.

Fences with anti-climb mesh such as Promax 358 Security Mesh feature small mesh apertures that make climbing almost impossible.

Palisade fencing eliminates hand and footholds by utilising vertical pales. This ensures excellent surveillance visibility whilst being resistant to forced entry.

These fencing types offer high-security deterrence value yet retain a very attractive appearance that won’t interfere with your properties image.

To increase deterrence further, you can add high-security toppings such as razor wire or bulldog spiked topping to these protective fencing products.

These, as well as signage that warns trespassers, emphasise the deterrence value of your fence.


Early detection of unwanted intruders gives you more time to respond to any threat.

Protective security fence products such as the Boulevard security mesh panels, Palisade fencing or the 358 Security mesh fencing provide clear surveillance sight lines around your perimeter fence.

This means you can detect and monitor any activity along your perimeter and respond promptly to intrusion attempts.

The Promax mesh and T-post system offer highly secure, cost-effective, and attractive perimeter fencing up to 6 metres in height. The Promax system can easily accommodate extra security features such as CCTV for improved 24/7 monitoring and sensor cables for motion detection.


If criminals perceive that the potential rewards of access outweigh the risk and challenge of breaking through your perimeter fence, your fence will be tested.

Many businesses and organisations cut corners here in an attempt to save money. Others hope that “no trespassing” signs and some CCTV cameras will ward off determined attackers.

Security Fencing To Keep Criminals Unwanted Guests Out

High-security fence products, including the Promax 358 Security Mesh and Promax T-post system, are highly resistant to cutting tools, toppling and ramming and offer cost-effective and highly secure perimeter fencing.

An anti-dig plinth at the base of these fence products reinforces your fence’s ability to withstand severe and sustained attack.

Palisade and tubular fencing are likewise resistant to forced entry attempts.

A critical component of any perimeter design is having a system that allows authorised people in whilst preventing unauthorised access.

Manned or automatic gates with keypad or card-swipe systems can provide controlled access.

All of our Protective fence products come with matching gate systems that can provide the same level of intrusion resistance whilst allowing straightforward access to authorised personnel.


The Protective range of security fence products is the highest quality available. Our fencing systems exceed the requirements of even the most stringent standards in the world. Our mesh features incredibly strong weld shear strength that exceeds AS2423-2002 requirements.

This superior level of construction means intruders face serious delays in their attempts to gain entrance.

This delay may in itself be enough to scare off most intrusion attempts.

Secondary fencing layers and interior barriers can serve to slow down intruders further. This may be as simple as providing exclusion zone fencing around particularly vulnerable access points or hazardous areas such as drugs or chemical stores or high voltage transformers.

In any case, any delay incurred by the intruder serves to give your security response team or the police time to respond.

Of course, accurate real-time monitoring and information from the time intruders first attempt to gain access are vital. CCTV cameras and motion detection cables can provide this information.


The final D of good security fence design stands for Defend.

This is where your well-designed security allows either your security teams or the police to apprehend the intruders before they can do any damage or cause material loss.

Our-Fences-Are-Highly-Cost Effective to Install and Extremely Protective

If your previous layers of security are well designed, there will be sufficient time to apprehend the intruders.

Real-time monitoring through CCTV is vital at this stage. But in short, the more effective your earlier Deter, Detect, Deny, and Delay security is, the easier it will be to catch the intruders.

This is why using Protective fencing’s tried and tested high-security fence products make sense.

Our products are highly cost-effective to install and will save you significant amounts of money on other layers of security.

Protective fencing and the 5 D’s; It’s no longer good enough to leave your security up to chance.

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