M80 Ring Road

Many suppliers and manufacturers like to talk up their products. With Promax 358 Security Mesh panels we have the project history that proves our products stack up as the premium choice for large scale or challenging security fencing projects.

Our Promax 358 Security Mesh panels were chosen for the 38 km M80 ring road upgrade in Melbourne. This important route is used by 165,000 vehicles every day and these improvements will reduce travel time, improve traffic flow, and help keep the economy moving.

Protective supplied 450 sheets (around 35 tonnes) of 358 mesh for this 2.25 billion dollar project. Protective’s ability to manufacture the required panels with a very short lead-in time and fast turnaround was a key factor to our success in being awarded this contract.

Other successful large scale roading projects have included:

Protective Fencing - Major Projects

When you’re managing large scale projects three things can make or break your project: time, money, or your team.

Keep your targeted timeframe and budget under control with Promax 358 welded mesh fencing and the expert team at Protective.

Our expertise, experience and highly efficient ordering, manufacturing, and delivery processes will ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Protective’s extensive fabrication facilities provide cost effective and safe offsite manufacturing and our efficient site delivery service saves you time and money.

358 Security Fencing—more than just a number

Large scale security fence projects can be a major headache, from the design, engineering, and consents processes through to the final construction stages.

The hassles involved in large scale fencing projects can sometimes make early retirement sound very attractive. Fortunately, the Promax 358 Security mesh panels and post system will simplify all stages of security fence design and construction and make your life a whole lot easier.

Why 358 mesh is perfect for large scale projects

Promax 358 welded mesh fencing is a perfect fit for the demanding security and safety requirements of large scale roading and bridging projects thanks to the following features:

  • Extremely difficult to climb—aperture size makes it nearly impossible to gain hand or foot holds
  • Highly resistant to normal cutting tools thanks to the minimal penetration gaps afforded by the aperture size
  • Minimal visual impact on the surrounds—sufficient aperture size maintains clear see-through visibility and renders the fence almost invisible against the backdrop of Australia’s great outdoors
  • Superior strength including weld shear strength and resistance welding levels that meet or exceed AS2423-2002 requirements.
  • Long lasting: Zinc aluminium coating to AS/NZS4534 ensures your fence will last the distance and beyond

Protective bridgemesh Woden

When you have a serious project the numbers become important. An average tensile strength of 560 MPA means this is steel for a serious purpose.

Promax 358 Mesh—so many advantages

The perfectly matched pairing of Promax 358 mesh panels and Promax T post system provides further reductions in design and installation time and costs allowing you to keep your project under budget and on time.

Here are some more reasons why Promax 358 mesh is the ultimate premium product for your next large scale fencing project:

  • Zalcote—superior galvanizing—the Promax 358 mesh is protected by Zalcote (from OneSteel) with a combined zinc and aluminium coating for superior corrosion resistance. Zalcote provides rust protection up to 70% longer.
  • Promax T post system–the perfect partner for the 358 mesh offering increased resistance to toppling or ramming combined with exceptional strength, enhanced visual appeal, and simple fast installation.
  • Promax T posts are engineered and certified for high level security fences up to 5.0M in height and are built to withstand category 2 cyclones.
  • Additional security features such as razor wire, electric wires, security lighting, vibration sensors, and CCTV can be easily incorporated into your fence design

Protective fencing is one of Australia’s leading providers of security fences. Our superior design and construction techniques have proven themselves time after time.

We can supply standard or customised mesh in a variety of finishes such as Galvanised, Zalcote, or Stainless steel. Mesh can be further customised by cutting to size, forming, or powder coating.

Here at Protective we know the importance of being a dependable team member—it’s just one reason why we were the number one choice for the Melbourne M80 upgrade.

We are helping to protect the future through innovation so that we can have a better, safer environment now and for the generations to come.

Join with us on this exciting journey.