358 Security Mesh Fencing – A Dependable Response to Uncertainty

We live in uncertain times; political events, rapid social and technological changes, and environmental upheavals threaten to undermine much that we once thought secure in our lives.

These are also desperate times for many people who will go to extreme lengths to circumvent established security measures. So, it always brings a sense of relief when we find a product that will meet the most severe security challenges with a solid assurance of dependable service and reliability.

Promax 358 Security Mesh gives you the ultimate security fencing solution you have been looking for. You can rest easy knowing that your premises and the valuable livelihood that you have built up over the years is protected by the gold standard in security mesh fencing.

Appearance and visibility are also crucial elements in modern security fencing because no one wants to feel trapped in a prison-like atmosphere. Employees, clients, and the general public want to know they are safe but do not warm to intrusive, heavy-handed, in your face security measures.

358 Security Fencing

Promax 358 welded mesh is perfect for set and forget high security or safety requirements including:

In fact, Promax 358 Security Mesh is ideal for any situation requiring superior security fencing allied with attractive appearance.

What is 358 mesh?

Promax 358 Security Mesh is superior quality zinc/aluminium coated  Ø4mm high-tensile steel mesh with an aperture size of 71mm x 9mm (358 refers to the imperial measurements: 3” x 0.5” x 8 gauge).

Promax 358 fencing mesh is proudly manufactured in Australia by Protective and meets or exceeds the most exacting standards in security fence construction including:

  • Weld shear strength exceeds AS2423-2002 requirements
  • Resistance welding to AS2423-2002 requirements
  • Zinc aluminium coating to As/NZS4534—a minimum thickness of 260g/m2 with an average of 300g/m2
  • Average tensile strength—560 MPA

These outstanding characteristics make Promax 358 Security fencing the ideal choice for your high-end security needs.

358 Security Fencing

Why is 358 mesh perfect for security and safety?

Promax™ 358 steel mesh provides maximum site security and personnel safety because it is:

  • Anti-climb fencing is extremely difficult to climb—aperture size makes it nearly impossible to gain hand or foot holds
  • Highly resistant to normal cutting tools thanks to the minimal penetration gaps afforded by the aperture size
  • Minimizes visual impact on the surrounds—sufficient aperture size allows for clear spectator viewing pleasure whilst maintain public safety
  • Provides a critical clear line of sight for security and camera surveillance

Promax™ 358 is the new generation of ultimate security fencing whether you want to keep intruders out, protect the public from health and safety hazards or guard fragile ecosystems.

Zalcote—superior galvanizing

The weather provides one of the toughest assaults on security fences but our Promax 358 mesh fencing is protected by Zalcote (from OneSteel) zinc and aluminium coating for superior corrosion resistance.

The combination of zinc and aluminium provides two effective corrosion protection layers; a passive inner layer and an outer galvanic layer to guard the core steel against corrosion. Zalcote will protect your fence from rust up to 70% longer.

How will Promax 358 Security Fencing benefit your business?

Security is a serious and very expensive issue for all businesses and public spaces. But the financial equation is simple; superior and effective security requires superior design and materials and these can be expensive. However, if you try to cut corners with your security the costs can be ruinous including:

  • Property damage and theft
  • Spiralling insurance premiums
  • Health and safety incident infringement penalties and legal issues
  • Increased maintenance costs

Promax 358 mesh fencing will save you money because it is:

  • Cheap to install—intelligent design combined with the Promax T post and rail system will reduce the installation time and costs
  • Effective in virtually eliminating security breaches
  • Long lasting—up to four times that of other products

In addition, your business image will benefit from the superior ambiance created by the use of outstanding security products. Employees and visitors alike will appreciate the visually attractive appearance and the confidence created by a security conscious workspace.

358 Security Mesh Fencing

Promax posts for superior structural strength

The Promax™ T post and rail system is the perfect partner for the 358 mesh fencing. The Promax T high-strength medium-weight post has a specially designed bulb foot for increased resistance to environmental conditions or ramming and provides exceptional strength and enhanced visual appeal.

Features of the Promax T posts:

  • Promax T posts are engineered and certified for high level security fences up to 4.8m in height and are built to withstand category 2 cyclones.
  • Specially designed for 358 fencing mesh
  • One-piece 90° corner posts simplify installation and reduce costs
  • Options for curved corners reduce climb-ability and enhance visual appeal
  • Optional provision of aperatures for anti ram cables and SMRTrail cable management add additional security without affecting structural integrity
  • Additional security features such as razor wire, electric wires, security lighting, vibration sensors, and CCTV can be easily incorporated into your fence design

Protective fencing is one of Australia’s leading providers of security fences. Our superior design and construction techniques have proven themselves time after time.

That’s why our security fencing products have been chosen for major projects such as Sydney Airport’s recent fence upgrade.

To put your security issues out of mind, you call on the security experts at Protective Fencing, download a brochure for 358 Security Mesh, Palisade Fencing,  Anti Climb Fencing.