Airport security fencing, a fight or flight response

Recent global events have highlighted the overriding importance of maintaining high levels of security at airports. Airport site security is critical and all areas of the airport grounds represent a potential risk. Superior security fencing designed to prevent vandalism, unauthorised entry, and terrorist attacks is the first layer of protection ensuring the safety of airport customers, visitors, staff and property.

Thoughtful security fence design is critical to the successful implementation of security protocols and is a key step in the fight against terrorist attacks. Ultimately, Airport security is truly a serious fight or flight scenario. Any breach of airport security can result in serious flight delays, risk to visitor and staff safety, and potential business losses. Superior security fencing takes the fight for airport security to new levels.

However, you don’t want your airport to look like a prison. Airport security fencing needs to be attractive as well as highly functional.

Key elements of a superior airport security fence

You need to ensure your airport fencing incorporates these key elements:

  • Prevents unauthorised entry through climbing over or under, cutting or ramming
  • Guides visitors efficiently to their destination
  • Protects visitors from accidental entry to hazardous areas
  • Maintains an attractive appearance and adds to the visual appeal of the airport grounds
  • Provides for the safe and effective movements of large crowds in evacuation situations
  • Is cost effective and built to endure against the toughest the weather or people can throw at it

Fortunately, it is possible to design and build airport security or perimeter fencing that meets and exceeds the highest safety, and toughness criteria, and at the same time enhances the visual aesthetic values of buildings and landscaping.

358 Mesh Security Fencing to Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport – Why Profence is the optimal choice for the Security Fence

Protective fencing is one of Australia’s leading providers of security fences. Our superior design and construction techniques have been proven time after time. Here’s why our fencing products have been chosen for major projects such as Sydney Airport’s recent fence upgrade.

Cut and climb resistant mesh

Our superior security fence design begins with rugged Promax 358 mesh. This industry approved mesh with 71mm x 9mm spaced apertures prevents easy access with hands, feet, and cutting tools making climbing or cutting extremely difficult. At the same time the mesh retains a clear line of sight—a critical element in airport security.

All our mesh products can be used with posts and rails for optimal security or in a rail-less configuration depending on the level of security required, and for speed of installation and lower cost.

Our Promax 358 mesh is not only designed to withstand human attacks but will resist nature’s assaults as well. We use Zalcote (from OneSteel) zinc and aluminium coating for superior corrosion resistance.

The use of both zinc and aluminium provides two effective corrosion protection layers; a passive inner layer and an outer galvanic layer to inhibit the corrosion reaction affecting the core steel. Zalcote will provide 40-70% longer resistance to rust.

Promax T posts for ultimate strength

The Promax T post is a unique registered design high-strength medium-weight post that caters perfectly for high end security requirements such as airport security fencing. The specially designed T post section and the high strength hot-dip galvanised steel construction provides exceptional strength and enhanced visual appeal.

Features of the Promax T posts:

  • Promax T posts are engineered and certified for high level security fences up to 4.8m in height and are built to withstand category 2 cyclones. Other super T post configurations are available for security fences exceeding 4.8 ms.
  • Suits all forms of mesh including expanded metal and perforated sheets
  • One-piece 90° corner posts simplify installation and reduce costs
  • Options for curved corners reduce climb-ability and enhance visual appeal
  • Anti ram cables and SMR Trail cable can be incorporated into the Promax T post without affecting structural integrity
  • Powder coating provides a superb finish for an attractive fence.

Sydney Airport Fencing

To Top It All

The Promax fence accepts a wide variety of topping extensions including razor wire, barbed wire, and spikes. Additional security features such as electric wires, security lighting, vibration sensors, and CCTV can be easily configured into your Promax fence design.

Our products carry a 20 year warranty because we expect them to provide lasting protection for your valued customers, assets, and infrastructure.

Now is the time to take your airport security fight to a new level and futureproof your fencing with Promax. Our specialised expertise in airport security fence issues is widely recognised; Promax is the perfect security choice.


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