The Ultimate in Sports Enclosure Fencing

Good old No 8 wire might be adequate for keeping sheep in but when you have serious security and safety concerns you need something better, tougher, longer-lasting and more resistant to corrosion.

Not all fencing products are equal and sports arenas provide a particularly punishing testing ground for a fence. You need a fence that will keep the ball in your court and keep players and spectators safe.

Here at Protective Fencing we have a rigorous research and development focus designed to bring you the latest and best fencing products available for the perfect fence every time. And we are proud to announce the availability of a superior range of wire products: fusion bonded wire from Bekeart.

Fusion Bonded wire is typically used in chainwire applications such as sports grounds, tennis courts, and cricket nets. It’s the perfect choice for fencing where consistently high impact and corrosion forces can seriously reduce the life of your fence.

What is fusion bonding?

Fusion bonded wire consists of a superior galvanised zinc or Bezinal® 2000 coated wire with the additional protection of a tough PVC coating. The PVC coating is bonded to a thermoset bonding agent over the zinc coated steel forming a tough, impact resistant, impervious seal.

Fusion bonded wire comes in smart gloss black and is available in core wire sizes of 2.0mm, 2. 5mm, 3.15mm, and 4.0 mm.

Fusion bonding is a superior product made by Bekeart—a world leader in wire coating technology. They’ve been around since 1880 so they know a lot about fencing.

Tennis Court Wire Fencing

Where should I use fusion bonded wire?

Fusion bonded wire fencing is perfect for those areas where high resistance to impact, corrosion, and humidity are important.

Fusion bonded fencing is attractive without reducing security or observer visibility and is ideal for:

  • Tennis courts
  • Cricket nets
  • Baseball fields
  • Sporting enclosures subject to highly repetitive impact forces
  • Domestic and industrial fencing

The tough PVC outer layer is bonded to superior quality zinc coated steel wire forming an impervious seal against corrosion and offering formidable protection against impact damage to the wire core. Remember, it’s those scratches and dings in the wire that allow the rust process to start. This makes fusion bonded wire the optimal choice for fencing that has to take the rough and tumble and still look good.

The addition of the Interpon Metaplex system of powdercoated posts, rails and fittings provides a complete fencing system featuring enhanced product life, integrity and hard wearing toughness

What makes fusion bonding so good?

Protective fencing is one of Australia’s leading providers of security fences; we choose to provide only the very best products. Here’s why we use Fusion bonded wire.

Fusion bonded wire is built to last from the inner wire core to the tough PVC outer coating thanks to:

  • Superior quality extruded steel wire protected with a zinc or Bezinal® 2000 galvanizing process for excellent corrosion resistance. The extrusion process ensures a smooth surface and eliminates surface imperfections that allow the rust process to start.
  • Advanced cathodic protection for uncovered wire ends reduces the possibility of moisture getting in.
  • Tight thermoset seal eliminates gaps between the PVC coating and the steel and prevents creeping rust.
  • Tough PVC outer specially formulated for high impact situations—for increased resistance to splitting, cracking or peeling as a result of frequent hard object impacts such as cricket balls.
  • Superior UV protection ensures your fence will continue to look good for many years.
  • Precision manufacturing processes that ensure dimension accuracy within nanometres for a tightly constructed consistent chainwire shape that will maintain its integrity under the toughest conditions.


Sports Field Fence

Can you prove it?

A rigorous testing procedure and alignment with the highest international manufacturing processes gives us the confidence to make these claims for the superiority of fusion bonded wire fencing.

Fusion bonded wire has been subjected to extensive accelerated lab testing and in-field tests including ISO 9227 for salt spray corrosion and ISO 6227 for humidity for both white and brown rusts.

The results are conclusive: the bonding process between the steel and PVC reduces corrosion by about 50%.

Inferior PVC coated wire tends to crack but fusion bonded wire is a game changing quality product you can depend on.

To Top It All

Protective – Protective fencing is one of Australia’s leading providers of security, safety and sporting fences. We go out of our way to supply only the best products.

Fusion bonded wire – the perfect sports enclosure fencing, the perfect way to keep the ball in your court.


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