Kim Brenegers

A Humble Beginning in Logistics

Kim Breneger’s journey with Protective Fencing commenced in 1991 when he joined our team in the logistics department as a truck driver. Prior to this, Kim had been associated with Bowen Petroleum, where he honed his skills behind the wheel.

Interestingly, Kim had a prior connection with our founder, Craig Gibbens. Craig was a regular customer at Bowen Petroleum, and he was known for his penchant for riding past the facility on his motorbike, often showcasing daring wheelies.

When Craig approached Kim with an offer to join Protective Fencing, Kim was filled with excitement. He saw the opportunity to work for a family-owned company and immerse himself in an exciting work environment.

Staff photo Protective Fencing, the good old days

Memories of the Good Old Days

Kim’s journey over the years has been marked by cherished memories of the “good old days.”

The 1990s were a time of laughter, camaraderie, and Friday afternoon BBQs at the factory. It was a time when a carton of beer could get just about anything done, and checking trucks for leftover beer bottles on Monday mornings was a common ritual.

From the Sales Team to Building Relationships

In the early 2000s, Kim, along with colleagues Phil, Gay, Sean, and Tony, formed the sales team. It was a time of daily elastic band fights, minimal computer interactions, and a focus on simple product skews.

Kim’s specialty was in sales, particularly within the chainwire, tennis court, and security fencing sector. He was a natural sales representative and business development guru, known for his effective communication, no nonsense and a can-do attitude.

Kim’s role as a logistics expert took an interesting turn when he sustained a back injury that required surgery. He transitioned into the office, embarking on a successful career in sales.

Over the years, he witnessed the expansion of our product range and adapted to the evolving demands of the job, including mastering the use of computers.

A Beloved Figure Amongst Customers

Kim Breneger is not just a colleague to us; he’s a beloved figure among our customers. The bonds he has forged with clients over the years are a testament to his dedication and warm-heartedness. Kim’s desire to meet customers, even those not on his delivery route, exemplifies his commitment to building lasting relationships.

As Kim retires, it’s clear that he will be missed by many. His customers have not just experienced exceptional service but have also found a friend in him. Kim has truly treated the workplace like a big family, fostering a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere.

Looking Forward to Retirement

Looking Forward to RetirementAs Kim looks ahead to retirement, he plans to spend more time with his wife Ellen, children, and the wonderful grandchildren who have brought so much joy into his life.

Traveling is also on the horizon for him. With a trip to Fiji already on the books and dreams of exploring New Zealand, Kim is ready to embark on new adventures and enjoy a slower pace of life.

However, Kim faces a unique challenge as he retires. He is dealing with degenerative eyesight, a hurdle that he is undoubtedly approaching with the same determination and positive attitude that has defined his career.

Kim Breneger’s journey at Protective Fencing is a testament to the remarkable legacy he leaves behind. His warmth, dedication, and the enduring friendships he has built are the cornerstones of his tenure.

As we celebrate his retirement, we express our gratitude for his contributions and wish him a future filled with happiness, adventures, and cherished moments with family and friends. Kim, you will be missed, but your legacy will forever be a part of the Protective Fencing family.

Congratulations on an exceptional career, and may your retirement be as bright as the path you’ve paved for us.