Many property owners think of fencing simply as a way to prevent unlawful entry and to protect their property. But the sad reality is that anti-climb mesh fencing is just as necessary to keep people safe from harm.

There are many reasons why people might try to gain access to potentially dangerous areas on your property and anti-climb fencing can help prevent people from attempting suicide, trying to get that outrageous selfie, or fulfilling youthful exuberance or drunken dares.

The mental health issues underlying risky behaviours around hazardous sites are complex but you, as a property owner, have a responsibility to yourself, your staff, and the general public to do all you can to promote safety on your property.

Failure to take appropriate anti-climb safety measures may lead to Health and Safety fines, litigation, and a lifelong sense of guilt in the event of a tragically preventable accident or death.

But you also don’t want your property to look like a prison so it’s reassuring to know that Protective can supply attractive anti-climb mesh fencing solutions that will keep everyone safe and look great doing it.

Why might my property be at risk?

Suicide is listed as the cause of death in nearly 3,000 deaths in Australia each year and research in Australia and worldwide suggests that jumping from a fatal height is one of the more common methods of committing suicide. Some of the most common suicide sites include:

  • Bridges
  • Hospitals
  • Apartment blocks
  • Carpark buildings
  • Railways


Some sites such as hospitals are prone to suicide attempts because of patients’ vulnerable or overwhelmingly painful states. Other sites such as carpark buildings, bridges, cliffs and other natural features may attract suicide attempts because of their easy access and public notoriety.

Any area that combines sufficient height and exposure to public access is a potential suicide spot and it is critical that anti-climb mesh fencing be installed to eliminate this risk.

But it isn’t only suicidal people who are at risk. Potential at-risk people also include curious young children just being kids or people engaged in drunken risky behaviours.

Likewise, the increasing and disturbing trend of taking selfies in dangerous places demonstrates the need for property owners to take responsibility even when the individuals at risk can’t or won’t.

Protective Fencing has a wide range of anti climb fencing supplies to make your site safe from risky climbing behaviours.

What is anti-climb fencing?

Anti-climb fences are designed, as the name suggests, to prevent anyone climbing your fences and gaining access to potentially dangerous areas. The mesh apertures must be small enough to prevent people gaining foot or hand holds and climbing over the fence.

Promax 358 Anti-climb Mesh is the gold standard in anti-climb safety mesh fencing and is available from Protective fencing.

Promax 358 anti-climb mesh is manufactured from superior quality OneSteel Zalcote (Zinc/Aluminium) 4mm high-tensile steel mesh. It has an aperture size of 71mm x 9mm that is too small for hands or feet (358 refers to the imperial measurements: 3” x 0.5” x 8 gauge).

Some situations such as schools and childcare centres may require even tighter mesh aperture sizes to prevent tiny hands and feet gaining usable holds. Protective fencing can accommodate any special customisation needs you have such as extra small mesh aperture sizes.

Anti-climb fence design

Effective anti-climb fence design needs to meet minimum fence heights.

Research indicates that anti-climb fences should be at least 2.1 metres but if there are parapets or other objects nearby that might be used to assist climbing then the minimum height should be increased to take those factors into account.

Carpark buildings often feature easy and open access to dangerous heights. In these situations adequate anti-climb fence design should include floor to ceiling mesh fencing. In other high risk situations inwards leaning fences offer enhanced anti-climb protection.

Promax also supply a range of anti-climb fence toppers and guards to add additional layers of safety in those high risk areas.

You don’t want to create a prison-like atmosphere so appearance and visibility are also vital elements in modern safety fencing. The Promax range of anti-climb mesh is highly attractive and powder coated mesh is also available in different colours.

Why does anti-climb mesh work?

Promax™ 358 steel mesh provides maximum site security and personnel safety because it is:

  • Extremely difficult to climb—aperture size makes it nearly impossible to gain hand or foot holds
  • Highly resistant to normal cutting tools thanks to the minimal penetration gaps afforded by the aperture size
  • Visually attractive—sufficient aperture size allows for clear spectator viewing pleasure whilst maintaining public safety
  • Suitable for visual security and camera surveillance


Promax 358 anti-climb mesh and other protective anti-climb fence products are ideal for maintaining a safe environment at:

  • Airports, shipping terminals, and railways
  • Schools, educational institutes and libraries
  • Motor racing circuits
  • Hospitals
  • Hazardous natural features such as cliffs and waterfalls
  • Dangerous animal enclosures, zoos, and aquariums
  • High voltage transformers and dangerous chemical storage areas


How will anti-climb mesh benefit you?

Public safety is an increasingly important issue that concerns all commercial operations and public spaces. Suicides and tragic accidents can have stressful repercussions on you, your staff and witnesses. Inadequate anti-climb safety measures may also leave you open to health and safety infringement penalties and legal issues.

Protective anti-climb mesh and fencing products will also save you money because they are:

  • Cheap to install—can be combined with the Promax T post and rail system to reduce installation time and costs
  • Effective in virtually eliminating safety breaches
  • Long lasting—up to four times that of other products thanks to superior Zalcote anti-corrosion coating


With Protective you can be seen to be safe and your employees, customers and visitors will thank you for it.

Promax posts for superior structural strength

The Promax™ T post and rail system is the perfect partner for the 358 mesh and other anti-climb mesh.

Promax T posts offer:

  • Exceptional anti-climb support for fences up to 4.8m in height
  • Perfect compatibility with 358 mesh
  • One-piece 90° corner posts for simple installation and reduced costs
  • Options for curved corners to reduce climb-ability and enhance visual appeal
  • Additional security options such as razor wire, electric wires, security lighting, vibration sensors and CCTV cameras


Protective fencing—we  have been taking fence safety seriously in Australia since 1975–that’s why our fencing products have been chosen for major projects such as Sydney Airport’s fence upgrade.

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