Chain Wire Fencing

Chainwire Fencing and Mesh Supplies

Chain wire fencing also known as chainlink, chainmesh and chainwire fencing is one of the oldest forms of wire based fencing. It can be used for a variety of domestic, commercial or industrial applications including tennis court fencing, factory/building enclosures, cricket practice nets, sporting enclosures, temporary fencing, wildlife highway fencing and also for effective erosion control and rock stabilization.

  • Tennis Courts & Sports Enclosures

  • Zoo & Animal Enclosures

  • Aviary Mesh Panels

  • Railway Yard

  • Sports Enclosures

  • Protective Chainwire Kangaroo Fauna Fence


Chain Wire Fencing Specifications:

Australian Made
Mesh Aperature: 25mm to 60mm
Wire Diameters: 2.24mm, 2.50mm, 3.15mm and 4mm
Height: 450mm to 4500mm
Finish: Standard Galvanised, Heavy Galvanised, PVC Coated, Permaseal, Lifemax and Fusion Bonded.


Mesh: AS1725-2010 – Chain link fabric fencing
Galvanising: Standard Grade – Class B to AS1650-2.2, Heavy Grade – Class A to AS 1725-2.2

  • Nominated chainwire length is a strained length of roll.
  • Mesh size is the maximum distance between the wires forming the parallel sides of the diamond.
  • Chainwire height measurement is from knuckle to knuckle or to the first twist of the barbs.
  • Knuckle & barb selvedge is client nominated at time of purchase.
  • Galvanising: Standard Grad – Class B to AS1650-2.2. Heavy Grade – Class A to AS 1725-2.2


Selvedge web

  • Chain wire Fencing - Rural Property

  • Chain wire Fencing - National Parks

  • Chain wire Fencing - Parks

  • Chain wire Fencing - Tennis Court


Chain Wire Pipe

Protective Fencing has a range of pipe sizes (25, 32, 40, 50, 80 & 100NB) in various lengths up to 7200mm in length and in various grades from extra light, light and medium. Powder coating available.

Chain Wire Posts & Stays

Posts and stays to suit all fencing and screen requirements are available.

  • Straight & Cranked Posts
  • Twin & Triple Gate Posts
  • Line & Back Stays
  • Tennis Court Posts & Accessories
  • Tennis Court Light Poles


Chain Wire Security Gates

Chain Wire Security gates are 1800mm high of Diamond Fence chainwire and a 500mm extension with 3 strands of barbed wire. Available in different widths for either single or double gates and also in PVC black or green infills and matching powder coated frames. All gates come supplied with a locking system, excluding hinges which are dependant on post type and size.

Chain Wire Fencing Security Gates 1800 MM High

Chain Wire Domestic Gates

Chain Wire Domestic gates come in a range of heights (900, 1200, 1500 & 1800mm). With a variety of widths there should be a gate to suit your application, from single to double gates.

All domestic gates are made from 25NB galvanised tube to suit harsh environments.

Gates also come with PVC black or green infills and powder coated frame to match. All fittings are included excluding hinges which are dependant on post type and size.

Chain Wire Fencing Domestic Gates

Chain Wire Heavy Duty Gates

Heavy duty gates are designed for those applications which require a strong gate with or without the barbed wire.

The frame is contructed from 32NB galvanised pipe and have heavy duty fittings.

Available at 1800mm high and various widths with the option of PVC black or green Diamond Fence Chain wire infill and powder coated matching frame. All fittings are included, excluding hinges which are dependant on post type and size.


Cable & Tie Wire

Used in chainwire and rural fencing applications. Tie wire is available in 1.57mm and 2.00mm gauge. Cable/line wire is available in 2.5mm and 3.15mm gauges with Helicoil in 4mm gauge. All wire products are available heavily galvanised or galvanised with black or green PVC coating.

Barbed Wire Coils

Available in Hi Tensile at 1.57mm gauge or Iowa Soft at 2.5mm gauge. Coils range from 100M and 500M rolls. Stainless steel barbed wire available on request.

Wire Accessories

A wide range of wire ties, C clips and tools are available.

Razor Tape

In areas where security is essential, Razor Tape in conjunction with Chainwire Fencing, 358 Mesh Security Fencing or High Security Palisade Fencing ensures maximum protection from vandals and intruders.

Concertina and Flat loop Razor tape have been developed to replace standard barbed wire in its role to deter, obstruct and protect. Razor tape consists of a steel strip reinforced with high tensile wire and having spear-like barbs at close intervals.

Heavy duty clips form a concertina configuration with diameters from 550mm to 1500 mm diameter available. Razor tape long barb is also available for permitted uses. Concertina coils can be self supporting and can be attached to existing barrier fences or used independently as a barrier line.

Flat loop tape is often attached in overlapping loops to pre strung barbed wire and is particularly useful where depth of fence is limited. The greater the overlap the greater the deterrent.

Cut & Straightened and Formed Wire

Cut and straightened wire is used in many applications such as ceiling rods, pre cut wire ties, florist applications and general wire working. Protective can supply a large variety of shaped wire forms such as clips, hooks pins, pegs.

  • Wire Diameters from 2.5mm to 10mm
  • Finishes – Standard Galvanised, Heavy Galvanised, Zalcote, Hard Drawn Low Carbon Bright, PVC Coated, Stainless Steel and Powder Coated
  • Huge range of standard hooks for the Powder Coating and plating industry available


Protective offers a complete range of Chain Wire Fencing gates and fence fittings for all types of fencing from domestic through to high security. Download the catalogue for the full list.


Chain Wire Fencing Installation Guide – How to install your Chain Wire Fence information is provided to assist you with the installation of your new fence. The Installation Guide offers practical advice on tips to get started as well a comprehensive step by step guide of the following:

  • Site & Pipe Preparation
  • Install End, Corner & Gate Posts
  • Install Intermediate Posts
  • Attach Stays for 3 Cable Fencing
  • Attach Top & Bottom Rails
  • Running Cable Wires
  • Rolling Out Chain Wire
  • Fixing Chain Wire
  • Installation of Barbed Wire
  • Hanging Chainwire Gates

See below for information on the tools needed to install your fence, as well as the the Installation Guide download details.

Frequently Asked Questions


The common tools required to install your new fence include:

  • Tape Measure
  • String Line
  • Hammer
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Spirit Level
  • Crow Bar
  • Post Hole Shovel
  • Marking Pen
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Shovel or Hoe
  • Spanners
  • Metal Cutting Saw
  • Pliers / Wire Cutters
  • Wire Strainer
  • Straining Bar with Hooks
  • Metal File
  • Trowel
  • Lacing Needle
  • Ear, Eye and Hand Protection


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Dial 1100 Before You Dig

Check for underground services such as electrical, gas, water & Telecommunications.

Check Boundaries

Have the property surveyed to ensure all boundaries are correct.

Check Council Requirements

Contact your local council to ensure that the height, type of fence and where you are installing the fence complies within their requirements.

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How do I calculate how many kilos of tie wire I need for a chainwire fence?

For a railless design chainwire fence, it is normally at 5kg per every 100 metres. For a railed chainwire fence, it is normally 10kg per every 100 metres.

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How do I calculate how many kilos of cable wire I need for a chainwire fence?

The Australian Standards state that a chainwire fence requires a cable wire every 1200mm maximum including the top and bottom cable. Cable wires are not required if there is a pipe rail. Where cable wires are required, the formula is as follows (length of fence x the amount of cable wires needed x 2 x 0.08 = kg). This is due to the cable wires are doubled then twisted together.

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