Razor Wire

Razor wire is one of the most common and widely used high security fencing products; it represents the ultimate evolution of barbed wire and provides a very effective low-cost deterrent against unwanted intrusion and vandalism.

Razor wire or razor tape comes in a number of forms each with specific advantages or uses. Profence is proud to provide a wide range of razor wire types to cater for all your security requirements.

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What is Razor Wire?

Razor wire is a highly developed form of the traditional barbed wire. The design of the razor wire barbs and the enhanced cutting resistance of the steel tape is a much more effective deterrent than barbed wire in preventing intruders climbing over or cutting through the wire.

The success of razor wire lies in the longer length of its spear-like barbs, difficulty of gaining a handhold, and the strength of the steel tape. Razor wire works to impede entry by either catching clothing or ripping through flesh.

Some of its effectiveness is also due to its intimidating appearance and well-earned fierce reputation creating a certain amount of fear in potential intruders.

Profence can supply razor wire in two basic forms: concertina wire and flat loop razor tape. Razor wire comes in a range of barb lengths, wire diameters, and loop sizes.

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Flat Loop Razor Tape Wire

Individual loops of barbed steel tape running along the same plane are the distinguishing feature of flat loop razor tape.

Flat loop razor tape is the perfect addition to the tops of fences and gates particularly where a flat line is needed. Such situations might include where a gate opens against a wall and a more bulky overhanging wire topping such as the concertina razor wire will prevent the gate opening fully.

The loops do not allow intruders to gain any possible hand hold positions for climbing and the steel tape is vastly more resistant to cutting than ordinary barbed wire.

We supply galvanised short barb razor tape with a loop size of 550mm. Flat loop razor tape is ideal for medium security applications including:

  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Medical clinics
  • Sports facilities

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Concertina Razor Wire

Concertina razor wire, as the name suggests, consists of linked loops of steel razor tape reinforced with high tensile wire forming a concertina pattern somewhat similar to a stretched spring.

Concertina razor wire is intended for high security applications including:

  • Prisons
  • Military installations
  • Electrical substations or high voltage pylons
  • Railway yards
  • Airports
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Hazardous chemical plants or storage areas

Concertina razor wire can be used as a standalone security measure or affixed to the top of walls, fences and gates. The concertina effect gives a much more three-dimensional protection and prevents any attempt to climb around and over the wire.

Features of our concertina razor tape:

  • A variety of loop sizes are available from 550mm to 1500mm
  • Short barb lengths (10mm long at 25mm centres)
  • Long barb lengths (60mm long at 100mm centres)
  • Cutting resistant steel tape reinforced by high tensile wire

The concertina effect ensures that the coil shape integrity is maintained without the need for supporting wires and increases the danger involved in attempts to cut it.

Razor wire is built tough to last under any environmental attack as well with superior quality galvanized coatings providing outstanding corrosion protection. Other sizes and finishes may be available.

The Perfect Partner in the Fight Against Crime

Our concertina razor tape and flat loop tape forms one of the most cost-effective security measures available. It’s also a perfect fit with the Promax 358 security mesh and the Promax T post and rail fence system for when you need a really serious complete response to security.

The Promax system has been designed for rapid, straightforward installation leading to lower installation costs. The Promax rails allow for attaching the razor wire with a simple yet effective clip system and cuphead bolt system.

Here at Protective we know the importance of trustworthy security you can depend on. Concertina or flat loop razor wire has gained a fearsome reputation for protecting high security areas and we’re proud of the outstanding quality of our razor wire products.

Protective razor wire is proudly Australian made because we’ve been proudly protecting Australian businesses since 1975 with superior products backed by innovative technology and outstanding quality.

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