Car Park Crash Rail & Anti Climb Mesh

Car park accidents have been on the rise throughout Australia and this may be attributed to growing populations and the associated increased demand for car parking in commercial centres. The greater size, weight, and power of modern vehicles have also contributed to the severity of car park accidents.

Sadly, the traditional open design of most Australian car parks can also make them a magnet for a range of harmful behaviours including suicide attempts.

Car park barrier systems increase safety in car parks and car park towers in a number of ways:

  • Preventing cars going over the edge of high-level car parks (as a result of accidental acceleration or inattention)
  • Controlling and reducing vehicle speeds in car park buildings
  • Keeping pedestrians and cyclists safer with separation from vehicles
  • Preventing unauthorised access to car park buildings—increasing safety for car park users and vehicles especially at night
  • Eliminating risky behaviours such as climbing fences to gain access to high level car park buildings through the use of anti-climb barriers

Vehicle barriers also protect trees and beautification areas, and create exclusion zones around vulnerable infrastructure such as substations, junction boxes, lighting and cooling systems preventing accidental and expensive damage.

Safety Barrier for driveway

So, what are the rules?

Under Australian law you, as a car park owner, are responsible for ensuring that all car park safety barriers comply with the Australian Standards 2890.1-2004 and AS 1170.1 . There have been recent calls to raise these standards even higher. But the fact remains; failure to protect your staff, car park users, and the general public may lead to Health and Safety fines, litigation, and a lasting burden of guilt in the event of an easily avoidable accident or fatal injury.

Barriers and fencing that comply with the standards are required in the following situations:

  • Drops of 600mm or more adjacent to moving or stationary cars
  • Where pedestrians are exposed to heights of one metre or more above the ground
  • Heights of four metres or more must have additional anti-climb barriers

An annual compliance inspection is also recommended best practice to ensure the ongoing safety of all car park users. You need to understand your obligations under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act, 2011, as failure to ensure compliance may lead to serious consequences.

Superior Safety Barriers

Protective fencing is dedicated to providing wire mesh products to car park barrier systems for the safety of all users (even the illegal ones) and we are proud to offer the Promax 358 post and mesh system for a complete anti-climb and vehicle safety package.

Whether you are looking for rigid barrier systems that redirect impact forces back into the vehicle and supporting framework or flexible steel spring type barriers that absorb the impact and minimise damage to the vehicle Protective and our partners have the solution.

Promax 358 welded mesh fencing is a perfect fit for the demanding security and safety requirements of all car park projects large or small because it is:

  • Almost impossible to climb—aperture size does not allow hand or foot holds
  • Extremely difficult to cut—small aperture size prevents penetration of normal cutting tools
  • Highly see-through—aperture size provides great visibility for safety, security, and minimal visual impact
  • Incredibly strong– with weld shear strength and resistance welding levels that meet or exceed AS2423-2002 requirements
  • Long lasting: Zinc aluminium coating to AS/NZS4534 ensures your fence will provide outstanding longevity

Safety Barriers for driveway to carpark

T posts –standing up for car park safety

The T post and rail system is the perfect partner for the 358 mesh and other anti-climb mesh and offer an easy to install solution for car park security.

T posts feature:

  • Exceptional anti-climb support for fences up to 4.8m in height
  • Perfect compatibility with 358 mesh
  • Enhanced ram impact resistance
  • One-piece 90° corner posts for simple installation and reduced costs
  • Options for curved corners to reduce climb-ability and enhance visual appeal
  • Additional security options such as razor wire, electric wires, security lighting, vibration sensors and CCTV cameras

Protective and Promax have been chosen for demanding security projects such as the Sydney airport fence upgrade and the Melbourne M80 ring road.

Avoid the industrial look in the design of your car park safety barriers with the Promax range. Promax anti-climb mesh is highly attractive and PVC coated mesh is also available in different colours.

Protective for Carpark Compliance Solutions

Protective is proud of its association with Carpark Compliance Solutions and some of our successful collaborations to date include:

Birkenhead Shopping Centre Car park

Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre

Mirvac, one of Australia’s leading property groups with more than $15 billion of assets chose CCS and Protective fencing to ensure that the Birkenhead Shopping Centre car park barrier system upgrade complied with AS 2890.1 and AS1170.1.

CCS stipulated Promax 358 for a special folded top and bottom mesh guard system. An additional advantage of the Promax 358 mesh was the ease of adapting and fitting the panels into the existing car park structure. Some 1300 lineal metres were required and the use of Promax 358 resulted in substantial cost savings compared to competitors.

Palm Beach Private Residence

Private Residence Safety Driveway

This Palm Beach residential curved driveway had some tough conditions to meet:

  • Support vehicle impact
  • Be aesthetically pleasing
  • Endure the harsh coastal climate
  • Meet council compliance and the client’s budget

Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place but the combination of CCS MeshGuard and Protective Promax 358 anti-climb mesh, handrail, and spring steels provided the perfect solution in yet another successful partnering with CCS.

Beaumont Tiles – North Manly

Beaumont Tiles in Manly

This existing rooftop car park with a dated, curved concrete ramp required a substantial and challenging upgrade to ensure compliance.  CCS installed folded anti climb MeshGuard using Promax 358 mesh to protect the block walls, and curved, pitched mesh inserted on the specially designed rails to protect users on the ramp.

No other company was able to curve and pitch the anti-climb mesh of the handrails to follow the curves of the ramp. Protective supplied 120 lineal metres of mesh to complete this difficult project.

Some projects are just straight out curly but together Protective and CCS got the job done.

Coles Shopping – Bowral

Coles Shopping Centre in Bowral

This existing car park had serious and potentially dangerous compliance issues. The upgrade required 380 lineal metres of Meshguard on spring steel legs with Promax folded anti climb mesh for a smart, tidy appearance throughout the car park.

The result: a truly cost-effective council compliant solution for the client.

CCS – A Trusted Partner for a Reliable Solution

Carpark Compliance Solutions (CCS) was set up in 2009 to provide real solutions for car park and building owners who were faced with the challenge of identifying risks, liability, and compliance issues around car parking. CCS has built a strong relationship with Protective Fencing and holds the quality of our products in the highest regard.

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