Highway Fencing
Highway Fencing

RMS Highway Fencing

Highway Fencing

Highway fencing will usually require fencing to a similar standard as fauna fencing.

This is type of fencing is designed to prevent both human and animal entry into the path of high speed traffic.

The risk of animals wandering into the path of vehicles is significant even in relatively high-density urban areas.

That’s why the RMS stipulates such clear specifications for all highway fence types. RMS lists three types of urban boundary fencing; 1.5m high, 1.8m high, and security pipe and chain-link.

Highway RMS Safe Fencing

The choice of appropriate fence type will depend on the risk of unauthorised entry at each specific site.

You can review these specifications under the R0800 series but as a minimum will require the following:

  • Galvanised steel posts 1.5 m or 1.8m above the ground (with a 350mm cranked top) depending on purpose
  • Posts set in concrete footers (500mm, 600mm or 900mm)
  • 50 chain-link fencing mesh with 3.15 diameter

The standards list additional requirements for gates, bracing, and security toppings such as barbed wire.

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