RMS Bridge Fencing

Bridge Fencing

The RMS requires designers to comply with bridge abutments specifications. These specifications are designed to protect bridge abutments against erosion and slippage.

Obviously, any slope that is too steep will not have the required stability so the RMS specifies a standard slope of 2:1 away from the bridge ends.

RMS Safe Bridge Fencing

This slope is to consist of a rock mattress between 230mm and 300mm thick overlaid on a filter cloth.

The rock fill should be a minimum size of 80mm and a maximum size of 150mm.  The mattress or gabion should be galvanised steel.

Protective fencing supply a wide range of steel panels suitable for rock mattresses or gabions including:

  • Panel sizes: 2.4m x 1.2m or 2.4 x 3.0m Custom sizes are also available
  • Wire diameters: up to 10mm
  • Mesh opening sizes: from 12mm up to 150mm.


You can download the RMS drawings and specifications here for bridge abutments.

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