Rockwall RMS Fencing
Rockwall RMS Fencing

RMS Rockfall Fencing

Rockfall Fencing

Rockfall can pose a significant danger for all road users. Rockfall also disrupts traffic flow and the damage to road surfaces can be costly to repair.

It is for this reason that RMS specifies rockfall protection for susceptible roads. The severity of the slope, type of rock strata, and other environmental conditions such as frost occurrence and rainfall can all play a part in determining the risk of rockfall.

Rockfall RMS fencing under construction

The RMS provides a range of rockfall protection types ranging from mesh and rigid posts embedded in cement through to heavy-duty ground netting.

Galvanised steel posts, wires, cables and mesh are essential components for any rockfall fence. Generally, you should fasten all mesh and wire components on the uphill side of the posts.

Rockwall RMS Protective Fencing

It is critical to adhere to all wire dimensions and tension ratings, fastening strength ratings, and concrete strength. And remember, every rockfall protection fence will need to be approved and signed off by a certified engineer.

You can find the complete list of rockfall fence drawings and specifications here.

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