Perimeter Fencing – How To Design Your Security Fencing

Perimeter fence security is a critical part of creating and protecting the boundaries of businesses, educational or medical institutions, sports grounds, manufacturing plants, warehouses or residential areas.

Perimeter fence security is about protecting those things that are important to us and creating safe spaces where we can live, work, and play.

Defining the boundary of excellence is what Protective Fencing does best and, as one of Australasia’s leading perimeter fence companies, we have many types of perimeter fencing to meet all your requirements.

Promax Security Fencing

 What Is Perimeter Fencing?

A fence or structure that circles the perimeter of an area designed to prevent unauthorised access.

Although there are many types of perimeter fencing they all serve some common purposes. A well designed perimeter fence can:

  • Prevent unauthorised entry to your property
  • Provide privacy
  • Protect people from dangerous situations
  • Define your business or property
  • Increase the visual appeal and value of your property
  • Provide animal control

An enormous amount of research has demonstrated that well designed perimeter fencing can promote benefits for your property that go way beyond physical safety.

Studies have shown that workers will be more productive when they feel safe in the workplace and attractive perimeter fencing promotes visitor and staff well-being, community pride, and can even help reduce graffiti and other anti-social crimes.

In fact, a parliamentary report found that properly designed perimeter fencing in schools can reduce arson and breaking and entering by 50%, vandalism by 71%, and trespass by 88%.

Perimeter fencing can also increase the value of your property.

A well designed attractive perimeter fence makes a very powerful statement about your business or home. Your perimeter fence is often the first thing visitors see and those first impressions count for a lot.

Perimeter Fencing securing the Utilities building

Features Of Good Perimeter Fence Design

When planning your perimeter fencing you need to think carefully about the design and the materials you choose.  Start by ranking the most important functions your perimeter fence needs to fulfil.

Is your new perimeter fence to keep people out, prevent crime, enhance your property’s visual appeal, or for animal control?

It’s also important to weigh up the various advantages and disadvantages of different fence materials to find the right perimeter fence for your needs.

For example, coils of razor wire along the top of your perimeter fence will meet your business’ security needs but may not match the friendly brand image you want for your company.

Likewise, a solid wall may prevent unlawful entry but will encourage graffiti, provide hiding places for intruders, and restrict visual security.

A good perimeter fence will be:

  • Difficult to climb—this is an important aspect of security but modern materials and design make this easy to achieve.
  • Resistant to Graffiti –some materials are much easier to tag than others.
  • Extremely tough—some materials are considerably harder to cut or push over in ram raids.
  • Challenging for intruders to hide behind with good visual surveillance lines along the entire fence line.
  • Attractive—visually attractive perimeter fencing creates positive impressions in visitors and customers, and will enhance property values. Good design can also promote employee morale.
  • Durable—fencing can be an expensive item on any budget so you need to know your fence will last the distance.


Inadequate perimeter fencing may actually encourage crime.

Research indicates that criminals may view a poorly designed security fence as a sign that the property’s overall security is inadequate.

Obviously, good perimeter fence design isn’t just about the materials used; you also need to think about fence height, distance from climbable objects such as trees, and vehicle access where there is the potential for ramming the fence.

Perimeter Fencing Solution for RAILCORP

What Types of Perimeter Fencing Materials Are Available?

Protective can supply a large range of hot dip galvanised steel perimeter fencing products and many of these are available in a wide variety of powder coated colours including:

  • Heritage green
  • Deep ocean
  • Woodland grey
  • Pale eucalypt
  • Manor red
  • Black
  • Safety yellow

Powder coating adds an attractive finish to any perimeter fence and also add an anti-corrosion protective layer to the steel, and all Protective steel components that are powder coated meet the AS/NZS 4506-2005 Metal Finishing – Thermoset Powder Coatings standard.

School Perimeter Fencing

Promax 358 Security Mesh is high tensile steel mesh. The small aperture size makes climbing all but impossible and yet allows good visibility both for security purposes and for visitor appreciation of scenic features.

358 mesh is also highly attractive and coloured pvc options offer additional stylistic flair to any perimeter fencing. Welded wire mesh sheets are available in other sized apertures and wire diameters too.

The Promax T-post system works hand in hand with the Promax mesh to provide an exceptionally secure perimeter fencing solution that is really quick to install. Promax ticks all the boxes for secure, cost-effective, and attractive perimeter fencing up to 4.8 metres in height.

The Promax system is designed to easily accommodate extra security features such as razor wire.

358 Security Mesh preventing unauthorised access

Concertina, Flat Loop Razor Wire, and Bulldog Spikes feature sharp barbs designed to prevent handholds, catch clothing, and rip flesh in those high security perimeter fencing applications.

Diamond Chainwire is ideal for perimeter fences around sports grounds and is available in a range of aperture sizes, wire thicknesses, and finishing coatings.

Palisade Fencing – traditional palisade fencing with pencil points up to 3 metres high are ideally suited for high security areas and the narrow 80 mm width between palings prevents the use of commonly available scissor jacks to gain access.

Security tube fencing is a great solution for perimeter fences that require a balance of security and stylistic elegance. A wide range of steel tube styles including Loop and Spear, Heritage, Classic, and Oxley Ring can be used to create an extremely elegant perimeter fence especially suited for residential uses.

Banksia, Jacaranda, and Roll Top are less intrusive or aggressive styles of perimeter fencing. These are highly attractive options for those situations where security is not the main focus of your perimeter fence design.

Steel posts in various heights and styles including cranked tops, corner posts, and gate posts allow for complete flexibility in perimeter fencing design.

Gates are available to match the complete Protective range of perimeter fencing products.

Protective has been supplying the Australian market with high security perimeter fencing for the commercial and residential markets for many years.

With Protective you can set your boundaries and know they’ll be looking good and strong for years to come.

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