Industrial and Commercial Fencing

Industrial fencing is also about safeguarding people and native fauna from onsite hazards.

When you’re looking for fencing to protect your livelihood and critical commercial assets, then you need to talk to the experts at Protective Fencing.

Protective Fencing is one of Australasia’s leading industrial fencing manufacturing and supply companies with many years of experience in manufacturing and installation using the highest quality commercial and industrial fencing and gate materials including:


Commercial Fencing helps to prevent unauthorised

Why Is Industrial Fencing Important?

You can no longer afford to take site security and safety for granted.

The rising cost of property damage, insurance premiums and the potential threat of health and safety liability sanctions means that you need to have adequate industrial fencing.

Industrial fencing will benefit you and your organisation in several ways, including:

  • Preventing unauthorised access
  • Restricting access to hazardous situations
  • Eliminating vandalism repair bills
  • Reducing insurance premiums
  • Reinforcing your property identity
  • Keeping your staff safe


Restricting access to hazardous situations

The right kind of security fencing can shape the way visitors to your site view your organisation and brand. Those first impressions count.

It also provides a powerful basis for your employee’s and customers’ sense of well-being and safety.

Research shows that the mere presence of well-built security fencing is enough to reduce the number of breaking and entry incidences by between 50% and 80%.

Where Can You Use Industrial Fencing?

Most people think of fencing for its obvious security functions. But industrial and commercial fencing also plays a vital role in defining key activities around your organisation.

Fencing can be used to control and maintain foot and vehicle traffic movements and car parking. Fencing can also be used to separate staff only areas from general access areas.

Industrial fencing is much more than just functional. We have a range of industrial and commercial fencing products that add real aesthetic beauty and form to property frontage, perimeter fences, and gardens.

Modern, attractive industrial fencing can significantly enhance your organisation image and brand.

Industrial fencing is essential for most commercial and industrial enterprises, including:

  • Factories and warehouses
  • Power companies & substations
  • Storage unit complexes
  • Building & construction sites
  • Sports & entertainment facilities
  • Workshops & vehicle storage


Industrial and commercial fencing is critical to protect your business and employees

Here at Protective Fencing, industrial and commercial fencing is about so much more than just safeguarding your assets.

So, come and talk to us about how some premium quality fencing can transform your organisation.

What Does Industrial Fencing Look Like?

We supply premium quality fencing products made from Australian steel and using industry-leading hot-dip galvanising and powder coating processes.

We also supply stainless steel and aluminium products.

We provide high-security fencing solutions, anti-climb mesh, wire mesh, palisade, tubular fencing, as well as a wide range of gates.

Many of the Protective Fencing range of products are available in a wide variety of powder-coated colours including:

  • Heritage Green
  • Deep Ocean
  • Woodland Grey
  • Pale Eucalypt
  • Manor Red
  • Black
  • Safety Yellow


358 Security Mesh preventing unauthorised access to Railcop yards in Sydney

All Protective powder-coated steel components meet the AS/NZS 4506-2005 Metal Finishing – Thermoset Powder Coatings standard.

PVC coating options enhance the aesthetic value of your fence as well as add an anti-corrosion protective layer to the steel.

Steel Industrial Fencing – Heavy Duty

All our heavy-duty steel industrial fencing products are designed for providing reliable protection in the most demanding situations.

Whether you need to control access to high voltage electric plants, hazardous machinery or chemical stores or you need to safeguard sensitive intellectual property and data, Protective Fencing has the highest standard industrial strength fencing you need.

The Promax 358 Security Mesh and Promax™ T post and rail system is ideal for heavy-duty security.

Promax™ T post and rail combined with Promax anticlimb mesh delivers:

  • State of the art anti-climb design up to 4.8m in height
  • Single-piece 90° corner posts–fast and simple installation
  • Anti-ram footings and cutting tool resistant mesh


Protective Fencing Security Fencing Brands

It’s straightforward to install additional security options such as concertina or loop razor wire, electric wires, security lighting, vibration sensors and CCTV cameras.

We also provide heavy-duty wire mesh designed for the construction, transport, and mining industries.

Our welded wire mesh boasts some of the highest weld strength ratings in the market thanks to advanced cross wire welding technology and deep weld penetration.


Chainwire in a range of aperture sizes, wire thicknesses, and coating types

Chain Wire Industrial Fencing

We supply Diamond Chainwire in a range of aperture sizes, wire thicknesses, and coating types. Chainwire can make a beautiful perimeter fence or be used for exclusion purposes.

Chainwire fencing is particularly useful as a safety fencing solution where you still want to retain visibility.

For example, one common application is protecting gaps between car park floors while still allowing light and ventilation.

Chainwire is also commonly used for keeping native animals out. It’s often used for perimeter fencing in industrial parks that border on open or forested areas.

Curved post tops make climbing much more difficult for both animals and humans.


Smart-looking fence with clean contemporary lines

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh fencing provides a smart-looking fence with clean contemporary lines that deliver high-security performance.

We supply welded wire mesh fencing in an extensive range of wire diameters and hole sizes.

Protective Fencing is leading the way in the field of welded wire mesh panels with state of the art cross wire welding machines.

This innovative technology allows us to manufacture welded sheets with much greater weld pentration, accuracy, strength and speed than our competitors.

Our mesh exceeds the requirements specified in clause of AS2423:2002 and clause 6.5 of EN 10223-4:1998 for weld strength.

We know this because our mesh has been independently tested by a NATA certified laboratory.


Security fencing for bridge

Safety Fencing

Health and safety are vital aspects in any industrial or commercial operation. We have fencing products to cover all aspects of worker and visitor safety.

Tubular palisade and Promax fencing types are ideal for maintaining safety around hazardous sites. Anticlimb and chainwire mesh can protect against falls from heights as well as around water features.


Security Fencing

High Security

Promax 358 Security Mesh features high tensile steel mesh with a small aperture size that renders climbing attempts futile.

The mesh aperture size still offers excellent surveillance visibility and also allows visitors to appreciate scenic aspects of the property.

We also offer a wide range of welded wire mesh sheets in various sized apertures and wire diameters. A choice of coloured options adds additional aesthetic value.

The Promax T-post system and the Promax mesh delivers a complete high-security fencing solution up to 4.8 metres in height.

It’s quick to install and features anti-ram design and can cater for various toppings such as concertina and loop razor wire, bulldog spikes as well as CCTV systems.


PROMAX High-Security Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing

PROMAX High-Security Palisade Fencing is a robust perimeter design solution providing a physical barrier that conforms to British Standard BS1722-12:2006 for high-security applications.

It is available in either a straight pale design or with a curved top offering the highest level of security.

PROMAX Palisade is manufactured to three standard fence heights of 2.4m, 2.7m and 3.0m and can also be manufactured up to 5.4m in height.

The articulating characteristics of palisade fencing make it the ideal product for large installations across varying topography.

Tubular Security

Tubular security fencing is an aesthetically pleasing yet very effective security solution. Tubular fencing features pencil point tubes up to 3 metres high.

These are ideal for high-security applications as the narrow width between palings circumvents the problem of attempted access using scissor jacks.

Typical uses might be for separating pedestrian access from car parks or a garden area.

Tubular Fencing - Railway and Infrastructure


A wide variety of gates are available to compliment any fencing type from Promax mesh and chainwire through to Palisade type gates.

Single or double gates, sliding, remote-controlled and automated gates protect access points while still allowing easy access.

Gates are available to fit openings from 900mm up to 8,000mm and up to 4.8 metres in height (with additional security toppings). We also supply a wide range of hinges and locks.


Promax mesh and chainwire through to Palisade type gates

Industrial Fencing Suppliers

Protective Fencing has been a byword for manufacturing and supply of superior commercial and industrial fencing and gates to the Australian industrial and commercial market for many decades.

With Protective and our years of experience, you’ll know your business is in good hands.