Safety in Design – An Approach to Specifying Security Fencing in Australia

Striking a balance between safety and security whilst being visually appealing is challenging when designing and specifying infrastructure projects such as correctional facilities, power utilities, data centres and airports.

The primary objective is always to detract and deter security threats, however aesthetics is always a high priority for critical infrastructure.

Most recent trends in the design world have highlighted the importance of functional considerations in design, using principals of master planning to create functional and safe space’s.

The process of hazard identification, risk assessment and control methods early in the design process will help minimise risks to health and safety throughout the construction and life of the structure being designed.

The largest correctional facility in the southern hemisphere

Combining Safety, Security and Aesthetics

Prisons for example highlight how difficult combining safety, security and aesthetics can be. The most important feature of a prison is obviously security, however at the same time the form needs to be functional and safe for staff and visitors.

The main purpose of perimeter fencing is to protect and maintain security, Architects and Specifiers are encouraged to consider how the proposed building sits within it’s surroundings.

Conducting early risk assessment’s and master planning during design phase will enhance the final result, considering escape routes, designing out dark or hidden corners will help to deter from anti-social behaviour.

Physical security doesn’t automatically mean intimidating fortress-like buildings.

Innovative design solutions have a significant impact on safety, without impeding the flow of people or compromising visual appeal.

Safety, security and build-ability need to be considered in conjunction with each other and Australia is leading the way in the use of master-planning for key infrastructure sites.

Master Planning Key Infrastructure Sites

Sydney Airport Recently unveiled their 2039 master plan for Safety & Security

Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport recently unveiled their 2039 master plan, key considerations such as capacity, sustainability, experience and enhancing safety and security were noted as key objectives.

Clarence correctional centre in NSW Security Fencing

Clarence Correctional Centre

Clarence correctional centre in NSW is another excellent example of the successes of master planning.

The 1700 bed correctional centre was delivered under a Public Private Partnership and is the largest correctional facility in the southern hemisphere. Pedavoli Architects note that

“The innovative masterplan design provides physical and visual separation between all three primary cohorts…

The design vision recognises that the physical environment affects the way people feel and behave, and that connection with the natural environment contributes to well-being.”

Australia’s Leading Security Fence Manufacturer

Protective Fencing are pleased to have been involved in these projects and more, as Australia’s leading supplier of security fencing products. proudly manufacturing in Australia since 1975.

Our Australian made High-Security 358 Mesh, steel mesh, palisade and chainwire have set the industry benchmark for quality and innovation

Our Australian made High-Security 358 Mesh, steel mesh, palisade and chainwire have set the industry benchmark for quality and innovation.


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