Palisade fencing provides one of the best all-around security fencing solutions in Australia but you need to get the right security fence height for your needs.

Palisade fencing is tough enough to defend against really determined forced entry attempts, offers no hand or foot holds for climbing but also maintains high visibility and a very attractive appearance.

Palisade fencing comes in a wide range of fence heights up to 3.0m and we can custom manufacture heights up to 5.4m.

If your security needs are minimal then erecting a fence that’s too high will simply cost you money; too low and you’re just inviting break-in attempts.

Security fencing height plays a critical role in maintaining the integrity of any fence.

So how high should your Palisade fence be?

Selecting The Right Height For Your Palisade Fence

To choose the right height for your Palisade fence you need to take into account a number of factors.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is the potential cost of a break-in; in other words, what do you stand to lose?

What level of security fence expenditure will meet your security needs?

Is there an extreme health hazard on the property for which you might be liable? This might include an electricity substation, hazardous chemical storage or other life threatening hazards.

Security Fence Height

Is this fence a first line of defence or second row?

If your security needs are low and you install a high-security fence do you risk drawing unwanted attention?

If your security fence is too imposing will it detract from your company’s image or make customers feel threatened?

Get this right and your security fence will be a powerful deterrent to those who wish to gain access illegally, and prevent damage to or loss of your property.

How To Choose A Superior Palisade Fence

Not all Palisade products are created equal. Inferior products might look o.k. but they may not comply with security fence standards and their durability may make them a very expensive option in the long run.

The superiority of the Protective range of PROPALE fence products rests on a number of key areas:


We manufacture the superior PROPALE range of Palisade fencing and we use a W shaped pale that delivers significantly greater strength.

Our standard pale centres comply with the Railcorp Australia SPC 511 Boundary Fence specifications; 80mm maximum between pales.

How To Choose A Palisade Fence

Rail positions also meet standard 2 and 3 rail fence specifications and we can manufacture to meet other custom specifications including the BS1722-12 specified centres of 155mm.

Pale Thickness:

All our pales are 3mm thick steel before galvanising; inferior products measure as little as 2mm thick after galvanising. This means our products demonstrate greater strength and durability.

Coating Quality:

Our products go through the galvanising process after hole punching so each surface is completely protected. Our galvanising complies with AS/NZS 4680:2006.

We also offer powder coating options. We are accredited Interpon Metaplex Commercial Accredited Applicators and so we can offer a 15-year warranty on most Interpon 200 or Interpon D2015 topcoats.

Coating Quality

We manufacture gates to match your chosen fence type including hinged and sliding, manually operated or automated.

Our standard sizes include 1.8, 2.4, 2.7 and 3.0m fence pales:

1.8M Palisade Fencing

1.8m high Palisade fencing is ideal for lower end security needs such as residential fences, schools, hospitals, swimming pool fencing or for pedestrian pathways near traffic zones.

1.8m palings sitting on a low stone or concrete wall work well interspersed with stone pillars.

2.4M Palisade Fencing

2.4 metre high Palisade fencing is ideal for residential fences facing busy roads or for security purposes around buildings such as diplomatic embassies.

Generally, any fence higher than 1.8 metres will require permission from the local council and may be subject to other regulations as well.

2.7M Palisade Fencing

When security is important these higher Palisade palings make climbing without aids almost impossible.

Anti-tamper fastenings are standard across our entire Palisade fencing range. And the option of cranked posts with the ability to add other security toppings such as barbed wire or razor wire further enhances the security value of our PROPALE fences.

2.7m high security fences are ideal for car parks, secure areas in hospitals, transport hubs, to control access to industrial sites and for keeping intruders out of hazardous areas such as substations and chemical storage areas.

3.0M Palisade Fencing

As with all our Palisade fences, the 3 m pales feature a tri point tip that makes gaining a handhold at the top very difficult.

With the correct authorisation, you can add an electric fence to the top for vastly improved security.

This type of security fence is a good choice for government installations, sensitive commercial operations including industrial sites, hemp farms or solar farms or for operations such as airports or railway corridors.

Despite the imposing façade of this type of fence, the gaps between pales allows for excellent visibility —a key part of early detection of unauthorised access attempts.

5.4M Palisade Fencing

This is our highest custom sized Palisade pale.

Typically palisade fences aren’t made this tall, however, correctional institutions, and severe hazard areas might have a highly sloping area that where palisade pales might be the correct solution.

5.4m Palisade Fencing

Naturally, with security fencing this high, special attention needs to be given to correct foundation formation and construction.

Custom Palisade Fencing

We can manufacture custom sized palisade fencing from as low as 300mm up to 5.4 metres. We can adjust rail placement to any desired specification and we can supply gates to match.

Protective Fencing is proud to supply all your security fencing needs.

Exceptional quality is our standard, thanks to industry-leading manufacturing processes, informed research and development and a finely-tuned production and supply infrastructure.

Talk to us today about how we can help you build security that really works to protect your property and safety.

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